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Fire Brigade (DJX98)[]

  • The Fire Brigade races to the rescue to battle and contain blazes all over town! Armed with equipment that can tackle any emergency, this fearless team knocks down raging infernos before they burn out of control!
Model # Model Name Series Photo Model Photo
MB821 Ford Police Interceptor Fire Brigade Ford Taurus Interceptor (5 Pack 2016).jpg Fire Squad 2016-5-Pack.jpg
MB871 Highway Rescue Fire Truck Fire Brigade Highway Rescue Fire Truck 2016-5pack Fire.jpg
MB866 Flame Smasher Fire Brigade Flame Smasher 2016-5pack Fire.jpg
MB949 Fire Engine Fire Brigade Fire Engine 2016-5pack Fire.jpg
MB912 Trail Tracker Fire Brigade Trail Tracker 2016-5pack Fire.jpg

Construction Zone (DJY00)[]

  • A new skyscraper is being built at the center of the city. Hard workers assemble: lifters, loaders, movers, stackers. Each vehicle works hard to get the job done!
Model # Model Name Series Photo Model Photo
MB917 Mini Dozer Construction Zone Mini Dozer (2016 5 Pack).jpg Construction Zone 5-pack 2016.jpg
MB856 Load Lifter Construction Zone Load Lifter (2016 5 Pack).jpg
MB948 Ground Breaker Construction Zone Ground Breaker (2016 5pack).jpg
MB886 Ground Grinder Construction Zone Ground Grinder (2016 5 Pack).jpg
MB931 Dump Truck Construction Zone Dump Truck (2016 5 Pack).jpg

Exotic (DJY01)[]

  • Get ready for a thrilling ride! These exotic cars race the streets with sleek silhouettes and powerful engines that offer a dream worthy performance with every twist and turn!
Model # Model Name Series Photo Model Photo
MB669 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept Exotic ShelbyCobra-2016Exotics-MBX.jpg 2016 Exotics 5 Pack.jpg
MB671 2005 Ford GT Exotic FordGT-2016Exotics-MBX.jpg
MB750 Lotus Evora Exotic LotusEvora-2016Exotics-MBX.jpg
MB544 Porsche 911 Turbo Exotic Porsche911-2016Exotics-MBX.jpg
MB749 Chevy Corvette ZR1 Exotic CorvetteZR1-2016Exotics-MBX.jpg

Desert (DJY02)[]

  • Explore the desert with these tough vehicles! Designed to tackle treacherous terrain and perform in extreme weather conditions, these vehicles can handle whatever the desert throws at them!
Model # Model Name Series Photo Model Photo
MB731 Baja Bandit Desert Baja Bandit (2016 5 Pack).jpg Desert 5 Pack (2016).jpg
MB827 Volkswagen Saveiro Cross Desert VW Saveiro Cross (2016 5 Pack).jpg
MB819 Coyote 500 Desert Coyote 500 (2016 5 Pack).jpg
MB854 Sand Speeder Desert Sand Speeder (Modified MB429) (Interior Variation).jpg
Sand Speeder (Modified MB429).jpg
MB833 Terrain Trouncer Desert Terrain Trouncer ( 2016 5 Pack).jpg

Police Rescue (DJY03)[]

  • Race to the rescue in vehicles designed to stop bad guys in their tracks! Whether it's a bank heist or a high speed chase these vehicles are tough enough and fast enough to chase down crime!
Model # Model Name Series Photo Model Photo
MB978 Meter Made Police Rescue MeterMaid-2016NYPD-MBX.jpg Police Rescue (2016 5 Pack).jpg
MB857 2000 Chevrolet Suburban Police Rescue ChevySuburban-2016NYPD-MBX.jpg
MB568 Sport SUV Police Rescue PoliceSUV-2016NYPD-MBX.jpg
MB933 Dodge Charger Pursuit Police Rescue DodgeCharger-2016NYPD-MBX.jpg
MB188 GMC Wrecker Police Rescue GMCWrecker-2016NYPD-MBX.jpg

City (DJY04)[]

  • It's never a dull day in the city, with vehicles zipping back and forth, keeping the action at a steady pace! Busses make their routine stops while service vehicles share the road with sleek limos and speeding taxis!
Model # Model Name Series Photo Model Photo
MB752 Mazda 2 City Mazda2-City5MBX.jpg City 2016 5-Pack.jpg
MB901 2006 Ford Crown Victoria City CVTaxi-City5MBX.jpg
MB998 GMC School Bus City GMCBus-City5MBX.jpg
MB537 Limousine City Limo-City5MBX.jpg
MB586 Billboard Truck City AdTruck-City5MBX.jpg

Military (DJY05)[]

  • These high powered vehicles are ready for action on the battlefield! Tackling tough terrain and extreme conditions, these vehicles are equipped to handle anything from covert missions to rescue operations!
Model # Model Name Series Photo Model Photo
MB880 Mission Helicopter Military Mission Helicopter (2016 5 Pack).jpg Military (2016 5 Pack).jpg
MB784 Jeep Willys Military Jeep Willys (2016 5 Pack-Military).jpg
MB983 Humvee Military 20180515 IMG 8852.jpg
MB910 Sahara Sweeper Military 20180515 IMG 8851.jpg
MB888 International MXT Military International MXT (2016 5 Pack).jpg

Special (Thematic) 5-Packs[]

Jeep (DRC45)[]

Model # Model Name Series Photo Model Photo
MB784 1943 Jeep Willys Jeep Jeep Willys (2016 Series 5 Pack Jeep).jpg Jeep 2016 (5 pack).jpg
MB955 Jeep Willys 4x4 Pick Up Jeep Jeep Willys 4x4 Pickup.jpg
MB670 Jeep Hurricane Concept Jeep Jeep Hurricane.jpg
MB369 1998 Jeep Wrangler Jeep Jeep Wrangler (2016 Series).jpg
MB832 Jeep Wrangler Superlift Jeep Jeep Wrangler Superlift (Jeep 2016).jpg

Land Rover (DPT09)[]

  • Be it city streets or the unpredictable terrain of mountain ranges, Land Rover utility vehicles can handle any road, anywhere. Matchbox captures the spirit of these tough, luxury vehicles that appeal to adventurers everywhere!
Model # Model Name Series Photo Model Photo
MB628 Land Rover SVX Land Rover SF0680-011 1.jpg LAND ROVER 5-Pack (2016).jpg
MB721 Land Rover Ninety Land Rover SF0327-048 1.jpg
MB406 Land Rover Freelander Land Rover SF0503-019 1.jpg
MB524 Land Rover Discovery Land Rover SF0593-024 1.jpg
MB838 Land Rover Defender 110 Land Rover SF0743-029 1.jpg

Shark Week (DVG50)[]

  • Celebrate Shark Week with this jawsome collection of Matchbox vehicles! Bursting at the gills with adventure and ready to explore, these vehicles appeal to finatics everywhere!
Model # Model Name Series Photo Model Photo
MB731 Baja Bandit Shark Week Baja Bandit (Shark Week 2016).jpg Shark Week (2016 5 Pack).jpg
MB826 RES-Q Waver Shark Week Rescue Boat (2016 Shark Week 5 Pack).jpg
MB738 '74 Volkswagen Type 181 Shark Week Volkswagen Type 181 (2016 Shark Week).jpg
MB980 Checker Cab Shark Week Checker Cab (Shark Week 5Pack).jpg
MB709 Chevy Van Shark Week Chevy Van (2016 5 Pack).jpg

Monster Week (DVG51)[]

  • Sink your teeth into Monster Week with this fangtastic collection of Matchbox vehicles! Prowling the edges of fear and imagination, these hair-raising vehicles are ready to strike!
Model # Model Name Series Photo Model Photo
MB852 Trail Tipper Monster Week Trail Tipper (2016 5 Pack).jpg Monster Week (2016).jpg
MB901 '06 Ford Crown Victoria Taxi Monster Week Ford Crown Victoria Taxi (2016 5 Pack).jpg
MB953 Chevy K-1500 Monster Week Chevy K-1500 (2016 5 Pack).jpg
MB865 Torque Titan Monster Week Torque Titan (2016 Monster Week).jpg
MB850 Garbage Grinder Monster Week Garbage Grinder (2016 5 Pack).jpg
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