1-125 rangeEdit

  • There are four different world segments in the 2017 Matchbox 1-125 range : Adventure City, Construction, Heroic Rescue and Explorers.
Model # Man # Card Model Name Series Photo
MB1 MB1035 DVK02 '59 Chevy Wagon (NEW) MBX Adventure City Chevy Wagon 1959 (2017 1-125)
MB2 MB1036 DVK03 '16 Chevy Camaro Convertible (NEW) MBX Adventure City Chevy Camaro (2017 Red)
MB3 MB1037 DVK04 2016 Fiat 500X (NEW) MBX Adventure City Fiat 500X (2017)
MB4 MB1038 DVK05 '90 Volkswagen Golf Country (NEW) MBX Adventure City Volkswagen Golf Country (2017 1-125)
MB5 MB1039 DVK06 '15 BMW i3 (NEW) MBX Adventure City BMW i3 (2017)
MB6 MB1054 DVK21 Tuk-Tuk (NEW) MBX Adventure City Tuk-Tuk (2017 Taxi)
MB7 MB1041 DVK08 1962 Nissan Junior (NEW) MBX Adventure City Nissan Junior (2017 Blue)
MB8 MB1002 DVK27 Heavy Railer MBX Adventure City Heavy Railer (2017)
MB9 MB1032 DVK28 Ford Transit News Van MBX Adventure City Ford Transit News Van (2017)
MB10 MB1012 DVK29 '15 Mazda MX-5 Miata MBX Adventure City Mazda MX-5 Miata (2017)
MB11 MB1022 DVK30 '71 Nissan Skyline 2000 GTX MBX Adventure City Nissan Skyline 2000 GTX (2017)
MB12 MB1016 DVK31 Swift Shuttle Bus MBX Adventure City Swift Shuttle Bus (2017)
MB13 MB1005 DVK32 Zamboni Ice Resurfacing Machine MBX Adventure City Zamboni Ice Resurfacing Machine (2017)
MB14 MB1020 DVK33 Volvo V60 Wagon MBX Adventure City Volvo V60 Wagon (2017)
MB15 MB1025 DVK34 Toyota Prius Taxi MBX Adventure City Toyota Prius Taxi (2017 MB1025)
MB16 MB943 DVK35 MBX Swisher MBX Adventure City MBX Street Cleaner 5Pack 2015
MB17 MB733 DVK36 '55 Ford F-100 Delivery Truck MBX Adventure City Ford F-100 Panel Van (2017)
MB18 MB904 DVK37 Garbage Gulper MBX Adventure City Garbage Gulper (2017 MB-18)
MB19 MB814 DVK38 Aqua King MBX Adventure City Aqua King (2017 1-125)
MB20 MB750 DVK39 '08 Lotus Evora MBX Adventure City Lotus Evora (2017 Black)
MB21 MB759 DVK40 Dodge Challenger SRT8 MBX Adventure City Dodge Challenger SRT8 (2017)
MB22 MB1033 DVK41 '15 Chrysler 300 MBX Adventure City Chrysler 300 (2017)
MB23 MB995 DVK42 Ford GT40 MBX Adventure City Ford GT40 (2017)
MB24 MB546 DVK43 Chevrolet Avalanche MBX Adventure City Chevy Avalanche (2017 1-125)
MB25 MB810 DVK44 '71 Pontiac Firebird Formula MBX Adventure City Pontiac Firebird Formula (2017 1-125)
MB26 MB903 DVK45 Tesla Model S MBX Adventure City Tesla Model S (2017 White)
MB27 MB517 DVK46 Dodge Viper GTSR MBX Adventure City Dodge Viper GTSR (2017)
MB28 MB763 DVK47 MBX Moving Van MBX Adventure City MBX Moving Van (2017)
MB29 MB766 DVK48 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren MBX Adventure City Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (2016)
MB30 MB1042 DVK09 Glass King (NEW) MBX Construction Glass King (2017 NEW)
MB31 MB1043 DVK10 Tree Lugger (NEW) MBX Construction Tree Lugger (2017 1-125)
MB32 MB698 DVK49 Petrol Pumper MBX Construction Petrol Pumper (2017)
MB33 MB946 DVK50 Scraper MBX Construction Scraper (2017)
MB34 MB928 DVK51 Desert Thunder V16 MBX Construction Desert Thunder V16 (2017 Blue)
MB35 MB948 DVK52 Ground Breaker MBX Construction Ground Breaker (2017)
MB36 MB954 DVK53 Plow Master 6000 MBX Construction Plow Master 6000 (2017 Forest Service)
MB37 MB703 DVK54 Tractor King MBX Construction Tractot (2017 1-125)
MB38 MB690 DVK55 Cement King MBX Construction Cement Mixer (2017 INC)
MB39 MB940 DVK56 Road Roller MBX Construction Road Roller (2017 1-125)
MB40 MB834 DVK57 Crop Master MBX Construction Crop Master (2017)
MB41 MB882 DVK58 All Terrain Crane MBX Construction All Terrain Crane (2017 INC)
MB42 MB853 DVK59 Master Sower MBX Constuction Sowing Machine (2017)
MB43 MB921 DVK60 Terrainiac MBX Construction Terrainiac (2017 1-125)
MB44 MB972 DVK61 Rain Maker MBX Heroic Rescure Rain Maker (2017 MB-44)
MB45 MB710 DVK62 Turf Hauler MBX Construction Dump Truck (2017)
MB46 MB988 DVK63 Power Lift MBX Construction Power Lift (2017)
MB47 MB970 FRD88 '15 Ford F-150 Contractors Truck MBX Construction Ford F-150 Contractors Truck (2017 1-125)
MB48 MB180 DVK65 Land Rover 90 MBX Construction Land Rover 90 (2017 MB180)
MB49 MB865 DVK66 Torque Titan MBX Construction Torque Titan (2017 Silver)
MB50 MB1008 DVK67 Tilt'n'Tip MBX Construction Tilt´n´Tip (2017)
MB51 MB1018 DVK68 MBXcavator MBX Construction MBXcavator (2017)
MB52 MB950 DVK69 Plowverizer MBX Construction Tractor Plow 2017 MB-52)
MB53 MB999 DVK70 Chow Mobile MBX Construction Food Truck (2017 Chow Mobile)
MB54 MB1019 DVK71 Four X Force MBX Construction Four X Force (2017)
MB55 MB1044 DVK11 Snow Trasher (NEW) MBX Explorers Snow Trasher (2017 New)
MB56 MB1045 DVK12 Speed Trapper (NEW) MBX Heroic Rescue Speed Trapper (2017 MBX)
MB57 MB1046 DVK13 '51 Hudson Hornet Police (NEW) MBX Heroic Rescue Hudson Hornet Police Car (2017)
MB58 MB1047 DVK14 Tinforcer (NEW) MBX Heroic Rescue Tinforcer (2017 New)
MB59 MB1048 DVK15 Hail Cat (NEW) MBX Heroic Rescue Hail Cat (2017 Green)
MB60 MB1049 DVK16 '15 Subaru WRX STi (NEW) MBX Heroic Rescue Subaru WRX STI Police Car (2017)
MB61 MB1058 FWH81 Sonora Shredder (NEW) MBX Explorers Sonora Shredder Dark Red
MB62 MB1021 DVK72 '15 Ram 1500 MBX Heroic Rescue Dodge RAM 1500 (2017 Fire)
MB63 MB1007 DVK73 Sea Hunter MBX Heroic Rescue Sea Hunter (2017)
MB64 MB1014 DVK74 '15 Corvette Stingray MBX Heroic Rescue Corvette Stingray (2017)
MB65 MB1034 DVK75 Xcanner MBX Heroic Rescue Xcanner (2017 MB-68)
MB66 MB949 DVK76 Flame Tamer MBX Heroic Rescue Flame Tamer (2017)
MB67 MB895 DVK77 Road Raider MBX Heroic Rescue Road Raider (2017-MP)
MB68 MB519 DVK78 H2O Glider MBX Heroic Rescue Hovercraft (2017 Police)
MB69 MB824 DVK79 S.W.A.T. Truck MBX Heroic Rescue S.W.A.T. Truck (2017)
MB70 MB978 DVK80 Meter Made MBX Heroic Rescue PMeter Made (2017 Blue)
MB71 MB907 DVK81 Blockade Buster MBX Heroic Rescue Blockade Buster (2017 1-125)
MB72 MB825 DVK82 MBX Prospector MBX Explorers MBX Prospector (2017)
MB73 MB922 DVK83 Snow Ripper MBX Heroic Rescue Snow Ripper (2017 Blue)
MB74 MB564 DVK84 Fire Stalker MBX Heroic Rescue Fire Stalker (2017)
MB75 MB840 DVK85 Water Worker MBX Heroic Rescue Water Worker (2017)
MB76 MB737 DVK86 Quarry King MBX Construction Quarry King (2017 Police)
MB77 MB944 DVK87 Ford E-350 Ambulance MBX Heroic Rescue Ford E-350 Ambulance (2017)
MB78 MB935 DVK88 BMW R1200 RTV Police MBX Heroic Rescue BMW R1200 Police Moto (2017)
MB79 MB895 FWJ65 Road Raider MBX Heroic Rescue Road Raider (2017 Red)
MB80 MB985 DVK90 '57 GMC Stepside MBX Heroic Rescue GMC Stepside (2017)
MB81 MB828 DVK91 Pit King MBX Construction Pit King (2017)
MB82 MB756 DVK92 MBX-RV MBX Explorers MBX Motor Home (2017 1-125)
MB83 MB959 DVK93 Gator Raider MBX Heroic Rescue Gator Raider (2017 OrangeGreen)
MB84 MB838 DVK94 Land Rover Defender 110 MBX Heroic Rescue Land Rover Defender 110 (2017)
MB85 MB1003 DVK95 Freightliner Fire Engine MBX Heroic Rescue Freightliner Fire Engine (2017)
MB86 MB1051 DVK18 '16 Toyota Tacoma (NEW) MBX Explorers Toyota Tacoma (2017 1-125)
MB87 MB1052 DVK19 '95 Custom Chevy Van (NEW) MBX Heroic Rescue Custom Chevy Van (2017 NEW)
MB88 MB1053 DVK20 GHE-O Predator (NEW) MBX Explorers GHE-O Predator (2017 New)
MB89 MB1040 DVK07 Duk-Duk (NEW) MBX Explorers Duk-Duk (2017 )
MB90 MB1055 DVK22 Sub Seeker (NEW) MBX Explorers Sub Seeker (2017-1-125)
MB91 MB1056 DVK23 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6 (NEW) MBX Explorers Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6x6 (2017-NEW)
MB92 MB1057 DVK24 '17 Jeep Gladiator (NEW) MBX Explorers Jeep Gladiator (2017 NEW)
MB93 MB1058 DVK25 Sonora Shredder (NEW) MBX Explorers Sonora Shredder (2017 NEW)
MB94 MB1023 DVK26 '70 Datsun 510 Rally (NEW) MBX Explorers Datsun 510 (2017 Orange)
MB95 MB1013 DVK96 Volkswagen Transporter Crew Cab MBX Explorers VW Transporter Cab 2017)
MB96 MB923 DVK97 Travel Tracker MBX Explorers Travel Tracker (2017 MB96)
MB97 MB1031 DVK98 Swamp Commander MBX Explorers Swamp Commander (2017)
MB98 MB1015 DVK99 Hydro Cruiser MBX Explorers Hydro Cruiser (2017 MB-98)
MB99 MB1017 DVL00 Wheelin' Wrecker MBX Explorers Wheelin Wrecker (2017)
MB100 MB896 DVL01 Range Rover Evoque MBX Explorers Range Rover Evoque (2017)
MB101 MB1004 DVL02 Road Mauler MBX Explorers Road Mauler (2017)
MB102 MB685 DVL03 Dune Chaser MBX Explorers Dune Buggy (2017 Red)
MB103 MB716 DVL04 Ridge Raider MBX Explorers Ridge Raider (2017 1-125)
MB104 MB731 DVL05 Baja Bandit MBX Explorers Baja Bandit (2017 1-125)
MB105 MB748 DVL06 MBX 4x4 MBX Explorers MBX 4x4 (2017)
MB106 MB941 DVL07 Jungle Crawler MBX Explorers Jungle Crawler (2017 MB941)
MB107 MB781 DVL08 Rock Shocker MBX Explorers Rock Shocker (2017 Tan)
MB108 MB795 DVL09 Cliff Hanger MBX Explorers Cliff Hanger (2017)
MB109 MB699 DVL10 Off-Road Raider MBX Explorers Off-Road Rider (2017)
MB110 MB854 DVL11 MBX Sand Racer MBX Explorers Sand Speeder (2017 MB-110)
MB111 MB958 DVL12 Roar-by-Four MBX Explorers Roar-by-Four (2017)
MB112 MB818 DVL13 Dune Dog MBX Explorers Dune Dog (2017)
MB113 MB960 DVL14 Malibu Marauder MBX Explorers Malibu Marauder (2017)
MB114 MB863 DVL15 Vantom MBX Explorers Vantom (2017 1-125)
MB115 MB997 DVL16 Swamp Raider MBX Explorers Swamp Raider (2017 MB997)
MB116 MB864 DVL17 '76 International Scout 4x4 MBX Explorers International Scout 4x4 (2017)
MB117 MB765 DVL18 '64 Austin Mini Cooper MBX Explorers Austin Mini Cooper (2017 MB-117 )
MB118 MB684 DVL19 Volkswagen GTI MBX Explorers VW Golf GTI (2017 MB118)
MB119 MB797 DVL20 Baja Bullet MBX Explorers Baja Bullet (2017)
MB120 MB990 DVL21 Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ40) MBX Explorers Toyota Land Cruiser (2017)
MB121 MB831 DVL22 ATV 6x6 MBX Explorers ATV 6x6 (2017 1-125)
MB122 MB942 DVL23 Sahara Survivor MBX Explorers Sahara Survivor (2017 1-125)
MB123 MB899 DVL24 Questor MBX Explorers Questor (2017)
MB124 MB1009 DVL25 '68 4x4 Ford Mustang MBX Explorers Ford Mudstanger 4x4 (2017)
MB125 MB817 DVL26 Ford F-550 Super Duty MBX Explorers Ford F550 Super Duty (2017 Silver)

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