1-125 Series Edit

There are five different World Segments in the 2018 Matchbox 1-125 Series : MBX Service, MBX Construction, MBX Rescue, MBX Off Road and MBX Road Trip.

Model # Man # Card Model Name World Segment Photo
MB1 MB1096 FHG65 ´15 Cadillac Escalade (NEW) MBX Road Trip 1/35 Cadillac Escalade (2018 1-125)
MB2 MB1133 FVT05

´64 Ford Fairlane Wagon (NEW)

MBX Road Trip 2/35 Ford Fairlane Wagon (2018)
MB3 MB1094 FHG67 ´56 Jaguar XK140 Roadster (NEW) MBX Road Trip 3/35 Jaguar XK140 Roadster (2018 NEW)
MB4 MB1093 FHG68 '16 BMW i8 (NEW) MBX Road Trip 4/35 BMW i8 (2018 New)
MB5 MB1092 FHG69 ´15 Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe (NEW) MBX Road Trip 5/35 Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe (2018 NEW)
MB6 MB1091 FHG70 ´09 International eStar (NEW) MBX Service 1/20 International eStar (2018 NEW)
MB7 MB1090 FHG71

Honda Civic Hatchback (NEW)

MBX Road Trip 6/35 Honda Civic Hatchback (2018 1-125 New)
MB8 MB1089 FHG72 FHJ55 ´55 GMC Scenic Cruiser (NEW) MBX Service 2/20 GMC Scenic Cruiser (2018 NEW-Casting)
MB9 MB1033 FHG90 ´15 Chrysler 300 MBX Road Trip 7/35 Chrysler 300 (2018 MB09)
MB10 MB1035 FHG91 ´59 Chevy Wagon MBX Road Trip 8/35 Chevy Wagon (2018 Series)
MB11 MB1036 FHG92 ´16 Chevy Camaro Convertible MBX Road Trip 9/35 Chevy Camaro Convertible (2018 1-125)
MB12 MB1037 FHG93 Fiat 500X MBX Off Road 1/20 Fiat 500X (2018 MBX)
MB13 MB1039 FHG94 ´15 BMW i3 MBX Road Trip 10/35 BMW i3 (2018 MB13)
MB14 MB1041 FHG95 1962 Nissan Junior MBX Road Trip 11/35 Nissan Junior (2018 Green)
MB15 MB1054 FHG96 FHJ79 Tuk-Tuk MBX Service 3/20 TUK-TUK (2018 MB15)
MB16 MB363 FHH65 FHY11 ´62 VW Beetle MBX Road Trip 12/35 VW Beetle (2018 Blue)
MB17 MB904 FHH66 Garbage Gulper MBX Service 4/20 Garbage Gulper (2018)
MB18 MB998 FHH67 GMC School Bus MBX Service 5/20 GMC School Bus (2018 1-125)
MB19 MB1088 FHK51 ´70 Plymouth Cuda MBX Road Trip 13/35 Plymouth Cuda (2018)
MB20 MB696 FHG97 '94 Audi Avant RS2 MBX Road Trip 14/35 Audi Avant RS2 (2018 MB696)
MB21 MB883 FVT07 VW Type 34 Karmann Ghia Convertible MBX Road Trip 15/35 VW Type 34 Karmann Ghia Convertible (2018 Silver)
MB22 MB986 FHG99 International CXT MBX Construction 1/20 International CXT (2018 1-125)
MB23 MB873 FHH00 International Armored Car MBX Service 6/20 International Armored Car (2018 MB23)
MB24 MB807 FHH01 Holden UTE SSV - 2010 MBX Road Trip 16/35 Holden VE Ute SSV (2018 Mod)
MB25 MB999 FHH69 Food Truck MBX Service 7/20 Chow Mobile (2018 1-125)
MB26 MB816 FHH02 Porsche Panamera MBX Road Trip 17/35 Porsche Panamera (2018 MB816)
MB27 MB713 FHJ86 ´65 Austin Mini Van MBX Service 8/20 Austin Mini Van (MB27 2018)
MB28 MB991 FHH04 '75 Chevy Stepside MBX Road Trip 18/35 Chevy Stepside(2018 1-125)
MB29 MB903 FHH70 Tesla Model S MBX Road Trip 19/35 Tesla Model S (2018 MB29)
MB30 MB1194 GDD55

1961 Ford Falcon Ranchero (NEW)

MBX Road Trip 20/35 Ford Ranchero (2018 NEW)
MB31 MB1073 FHG74 MAN TGS 18.440 (NEW) MBX Construction 2/20 MAN TGS Dump Truck (2018 1-125)
MB32 MB1074 FHG75

MBX Flatbed King (NEW)

MBX Service


MBX Flatbed King (2018 MB32)
MB33 MB1018 FHH05 MBXcavator MBX Construction 3/20 MBXcavator(2018)
MB34 MB1042 FHH06 Glass King MBX Service 10/20 Glass King (2018 INC)
MB35 MB1043 FHH07 Tree Lugger MBX Construction 4/20 Tree Lugger (2018 1-125)
MB36 MB1034 FHH08 Xcanner MBX Rescue


Xcanner (2018 POLICE)
MB37 MB977 FHH71 '13 Ford Cargo MBX Service 11/20 Ford Cargo (2018 MB977)
MB38 MB857 FHJ92 '00 Chevy Suburban MBX Service 12/20 Chevy Suburban (2018 MB38)
MB39 MB963 FHH10 Spark Arrestor MBX Rescue 2/30 Spark Arrestor (2018 1-125)
MB40 MB834


Crop Master MBX Construction 5/20 Crop Master (2018 1-125)
MB41 MB789 FHK55 Skidster MBX Construction 6/20 Skidster (2018 1-125)
MB42 MB918 FHH12 Drill Digger MBX Construction 7/20 Drill Digger (2018 1-125)
MB43 MB982 FHH13 Hummer H2 SUV Concept MBX Construction 8/20 Hummer H2 (2018 1-125)
MB44 MB703 FHH73 Tractor King MBX Construction 9/20 Tractor King
MB45 MB817 FHH14 Ford F-550 Super Duty MBX Rescue 3/30 Ford F-550 Superduty (2018)
MB46 MB972 FHH15 Rain Maker MBX Construction 10/20 Rain Maker (2018 Green)
MB47 MB856 FHH16 Load Lifter MBX Construction 11/20 Load Lifter (2018 MB47)
MB48 MB886 FHH74 Ground Grinder MBX Construction 12/20 Ground Grinder (2018 Yellow)
MB49 MB1010 FHH75 Dirtstroyer MBX Construction 13/20 Dirtstroyer (2018 MB49)
MB50 MB919 FHH17 Acre Maker MBX Construction 14/20 Acre Maker (2018 MB-50)
MB51 MB950 FHH76 Plowverizer MBX Service 13/20 Plowverizer(2018)
MB52 MB934 FHH18 Blizzard Buster MBX Service 14/20 Blizzard Buster (2018 MB52)
MB53 MB988 FHH77 Power Lift MBX Construction 15/20 Power Lift (2017)
MB54 MB1027 FFV63 Ford F-350 Super Duty (NEW) MBX Rescue 4/30 Ford F-350 Skyjacker (2018 New)
MB55 MB1087 FHG77 ´33 Plymouth (NEW) MBX Rescue 5/30 33 Plymouth (2018 New)
MB56 MB1086 FHG78 Scania P360 Fire Engine (NEW) MBX Rescue 6/30 Scania P360 (2018 NEW)
MB57 MB1085 FHG79 RSQ-18 Tank (NEW) MBX Rescue 7/30 RSQ-18 Tank (2018 MBX Rescue))
MB58 MB1084 FHG80 Camo Convoy (NEW) MBX Construction 16/20 Camo Convoy (2018 NEW Casting)
MB59 MB847 FHH19 Frost Fighter MBX Rescue 8/30 Frost Fighter (2018 MB847)
MB60 MB679 FHH20 MBX Ambulance MBX Rescue 9/30 MBX Ambulance (2018 1-125 Modified)
MB61 MB1003 FHH21 Freightliner Business Class M2 106 MBX Off Road 2/20 Freightliner Business Class M2 106 (2018 National Park)
MB62 MB1014 FHK46 ´14 Corvette Stingray MBX Rescue 10/30 Corvette Stingray Police (2018)
MB63 MB1044 FHH22 Snow Thrasher MBX Construction 17/20 Snow Thrasher (2018 MB1044)
MB64 MB1046 FHH23 '51 Hudson Hornet Fire MBX Rescue 11/30 Hudson Hornet Fire (2018 MB1046)
MB65 MB1047 FHH24 Tinforcer MBX Rescue 12/30 Tinforcer (2018 Police)
MB66 MB1048 FHH25 Hail Cat MBX Rescue 13/30 Hail Cat (2018)
MB67 MB1049 FHH26 ´15 Subaru WRX STi MBX Rescue 14/30 Subaru WRX STI Police (2018 1-125)
MB68 MB966 FHH27 BMW M5 Fire Car MBX Rescue 15/30 BMW M5 Fire (2018 MBX 1-125)
MB69 MB444 FHH78 Ford Panel Van MBX Service 15/20 Ford Panel Van (2018 MB444)
MB70 MB510 FHH79 ARV-10 MBX Rescue 16/30 Armored Response Vehicle (2018 1-125)
MB71 MB519 FHH80 H2O Glider MBX Service 16/20 H2O Glider (2018 MB71)
MB72 MB843 FHK11 ´52 Seagrave Fire Engine MBX Rescue 17/30 Seagrave Fire Engine (2018)
MB73 MB996 FHH81 Hazard Squad MBX Rescue 18/30 Hazard Squad (2018 1-125)
MB74 MB824 FHH29 S.W.A.T. Truck MBX Rescue 19/30 S.W.A.T. Truck (2018 1-125)
MB75 MB831 FHH82 ATV 6x6 MBX Off Road


ATV 6x6 (2018 Chrome Rims)
MB76 MB989 FHH83 4x4 Scrambulance MBX Rescue 20/30 4x4 Scrambulance (2018 MB989)
MB77 MB895 FHH30 Road Raider MBX Rescue 21/30 Road Raider (2018 MB895)
MB78 MB907 FHH84 Blockade Buster MBX Rescue 22/30 Blockade Buster (2018 1-125)
MB79 MB910 FHH85 Sahara Sweeper MBX Rescue 23/30 Sahara Sweeper (2018 MB-79)
MB80 MB912 FHH31 Trail Tracker MBX Service 17/20 Trail Tracker (2018 MB80)
MB81 MB925 FHH32 Rumble Raider MBX Rescue 24/30 Rumble Raider (2018 1-125)
MB82 MB572 FHH33 MBX Rescue 4x4 MBX Rescue 25/30 MBX Rescue 4x4 (2018 MB82)
MB83 MB965 FHH34 Attack Track MBX Rescue 26/30 Attack Track (2018 Black)
MB84 MB821 FHH35 Ford Police Interceptor MBX Rescue 27/30 Ford Police Interceptor (2018 1-125)
MB85 MB968 FHH36 Bay Brigade MBX Rescue 28/30 Bay Brigade (2018 1-125)
MB86 MB978 FHK20 Meter Made MBX Service 18/20 Meter Made (2018 Black)
MB87 MB1083 FHG81 ´63 Austin Healey 3000 MK2 (NEW) MBX Road Trip 21/35 Austin Healey Roadster (2018 NEW)
MB88 MB1082 FHG82 Jeep Wagoneer (NEW)

MBX Road Trip 22/35

Jeep Wagoneer (2018 1-125)
MB89 MB1095 FHG83 Yamaha SCR 950 (NEW) MBX Off Road


Yamaha SCR 950 (2018 1-125)
MB90 MB1080


NASA S.E.V./Chariot (NEW) MBX Off Road


NASA S.E.V. Chariot (2018 NEW Casting)
MB91 MB1079 FHG85 ´18 Nissan Leaf (NEW) MBX Road Trip 23/35 Nissan Leaf (2018 NEW)
MB92 MB1078 FHJ69 '16 Chevy Colorado Xtreme (NEW) MBX Off Road 6/20 Chevy Coorado Xtreme (2018 Orange)
MB93 MB1077 FHG87 ´16 Mazda CX-5 (NEW) MBX Road Trip 24/35 Mazda CX-5 (2018 1-125)
MB94 MB1076 FHG88 Trailer Trawler (NEW) MBX Off Road 7/20 Trailer Trawler (2018 1-125 New)
MB95 MB1075 FHG89 Arctic Thunder (NEW) MBX Off Road 8/20 Arctic Thunder (2018 NEW)
MB96 MB927 FHH38 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor MBX Off Road 9/20 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (2018 1-125)
MB97 MB1015 FHH39 Hydro Cruiser MBX Off Road 10/20 Hydro Cruiser (2018 Peach)
MB98 MB1031 FHH40 Swamp Commander MBX Off Road 11/20 Swamp Commander (2018 MB98)
MB99 MB1038 FHH41 ´90 Volkswagen Golf Country MBX Road Trip 25/35 Volkswagen Golf Country (2018 1-125)
MB100 MB1040 FHH42 Duk-Duk MBX Service 19/20 Duk-Duk (2018 MB100)
MB101 MB1011 FHH43 Travel Trecker MBX Service 20/20 Travel Trecker (2018 Red)
MB102 MB1052 FHX90 Custom '95 Chevy Van MBX Road Trip 26/35 Custom Chevy Van (2018 Wheel)
MB103 MB1053 FHH45 GHE-O Predator MBX Off Road 12/20 GHE-O Predator (2018 Red)
MB104 MB1055 FHH46 Sub Seeker MBX Road Trip 27/35 Sub Seeker (2018 White)
MB105 MB1056 FHH47 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6 MBX Off Road 13/20 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6 (2018 1-125)
MB106 MB1057 FHH48 ´05 Jeep Gladiator MBX Road Trip 28/35 Jeep Gladiator (2018 MB106)
MB107 MB1058 FHH49 Sonora Shredder MBX Off Road 14/20 Sonora Shredder (2018 Green)
MB108 MB1023 FHH50 ´70 Datsun 510 Rally MBX Off Road 15/20 Datsun 510 Rally (2018 1-125)
MB109 MB878 FHH51 ´60 Jeep 4x4 MBX Off Road 16/20 Jeep 4x4 (2018 MB878)
MB110 MB1132 FHH52 Ford Expedition MBX Road Trip 29/35 Ford Expedition (2018 MB1132)
MB111 MB543 FHH53 Nissan Xterra MBX Road Trip 30/35 Nissan Xterra (2018-Modified Model)
MB112 MB720 FRY76 Ford Bronco 4X4 MBX Road Trip 31/35 Ford Bronco 4x4 Skyjacker (2018)
MB113 MB1071 FHH86 Honda Ridgeline MBX Road Trip 32/35 Honda Ridgeline (2018 MB1071ú
MB114 MB732 FHH55 Badlander MBX Construction 18/20 Badlander (2018 1-125)
MB115 MB748 FHH87 MBX 4x4 MBX Off Road 17/20 MBX 4x4 (2018 1-125)
MB116 MB777 FHH56 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser MBX Road Trip 33/35 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser (2018 1-125)
MB117 MB795 FHH57 Cliff Hanger MBX Construction 19/20 Cliff Hanger (2018 Black)
MB118 MB180 FHH58 Land Rover 90 MBX Off Road 18/20 Land Rover 90 (218)
MB119 MB818 FHH59
Dune Dog MBX Off Road 19/20 Dune Dog (2018 MB119)
MB120 MB861 FHH60 Sand Shredder MBX Off Road 20/20 Sand Shredder (2018)
MB121 MB784 FHK71 ´43 Jeep Willys MBX Rescue 29/30 Jeep Willys (2018)
MB122 MB855 FHH89 Oshkosh Defense M-ATV MBX Rescue 30/30 Oshkosh Defense M-ATV (2018 1-125)
MB123 MB955 FHH61 Jeep Willys Pick-Up 4x4 MBX Road Trip 34/35 Jeep Willys Pick-Up 4x4 (2018 MB955)
MB124 MB979 FVT03 Porsche Cayman MBX Road Trip 35/35 Porsche Cayman (2018 MB124)
MB125 MB716 FHH63 Ridge Raider MBX Construction 20/20 Ridge Raider (2018 1-125)

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