1-100 Series

There are five different world segments in the 2019 Matchbox 1-100 Series : MBX Service, MBX Construction, MBX Rescue, MBX Off Road, and MBX Road Trip.

Model # Man # Card # Model Name World Segment Segment # Photo
MB1 MB1167 FYP22 ’11 Mini Countryman (New) MBX Road Trip 5/20
MB2 MB1168 FYP23 '18 Dodge Charger (New) MBX Road Trip 19/20 Dodge Charger (2019 NEW Casting)
MB3 MB1169 FYP24 ´80 Mercedes-Benz W 123 Wagon (New) MBX Road Trip 9/20 Mercedes-Benz W 123 Wagon (2019)
MB4 MB1170 FYP25 ´18 Ford Mustang Convertible (New) MBX Road Trip 1/20 Ford Mustang Convertible (2019 NEW)
MB5 MB1171 ’95 Subaru SVX (New)
MB6 MB1172 FYP27 ´75 Chevy Caprice (New) MBX Road Trip 13/20 Chevy Caprice (2019 NEW Casting)
MB7 MB1173 FYP28 ´69 BMW 2002 (New) MBX Road Trip 11/20 BMW 2002 (2019 NEW)
MB8 MB1090 FYP91 ´17 Honda Civic Hatchback MBX Road Trip 14/20 Honda Civic Hatchback (2019 Dark Red)
MB9 MB1094 FYP92 ´56 Jaguar XK140 Roadster MBX Road Trip 17/20 Jaguar XK140 Roadster (2019)
MB10 MB1092 FYP93 ´15 Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe MBX Road Trip 2/20 Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe (2019 1-100)
MB11 MB1129 FYP94 ´55 Cadillac Fleetwood MBX Road Trip 15/20
MB12 MB363 1962 VW Beetle
MB13 MB777 FYR65 ´71 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser MBX Road Trip 4/20 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser (2019 Brown)
MB14 MB1082 FYP95 ´89 Jeep Grand Wagoneer MBX Road Trip 7/20 Jeep Grand Wagoneer (2019 Black)
MB15 MB761 FYR68 ´72 Lotus Europa Special MBX Road Trip 20/20 Lotus Europa Special (2019)
MB16 MB696 FYR66 ´02 Audi RS6 Avant MBX Road Trip 10/20 Audi RS6 Avant (2019)
MB17 MB883 FYR67 Volkswagen Type 34 Karmann Ghia MBX Road Trip 12/20
MB18 MB1077 ´16 Mazda CX-5
MB19 MB1130 FYP97 ´47 Chevy AD 3100 (New) MBX Road Trip 16/20 Chevy AD 3100 (2019 1-100)
MB20 MB1001 FYP98 ´70 Chevy El Camino MBX Road Trip 3/20 Chevy El Camino (2019)
MB21 MB1174 FYP29 ´35 Ford Pick-Up (New) MBX Construction 5/20 Ford Pick-Up (2019 NEW)
MB22 MB1175 Poop King (New)
MB23 MB1176 MBX Backhoe (New)
MB24 MB1177 FYP32 ´16 Ram Flatbed (New) MBX Construction 1/20 Ram Flatbed (2019 NEW)
MB25 MB1018 FYP99 MBXcavator MBX Construction 8/20 IMG 9121
MB26 MB1043 FYP00 Tree Lugger MBX Construction 13/20 Tree Lugger (2019 White-orange)
MB27 MB1073 MAN TGS Dump Truck
MB28 MB977 FYR02 '13 Ford Cargo MBX Construction 10/20
MB29 MB917 FYR03 Mini Dozer MBX Construction 17/20 Mini Dozer (2019 1-100)
MB30 MB948 Ground Breaker
MB31 MB955 FYR69 '51 Willys Jeep Pickup 4x4 MBX Construction 15/20
MB32 MB789 FYR05 MBX Skidster MBX Construction 9/20 Skidster (2019 1-100)
MB33 MB918 Drill Digger
MB34 MB1008 FYR71 Tilt ´n Tip MBX Construction 7/20 Tilt n Tip (2019 Re)
MB35 MB1010 FYR07 Dirtstroyer MBX Construction 20/20 Dirtstroyer (2019 1-100)
MB36 MB919 FYR72 Acre Maker MBX Construction 18/20 Acre Maker (2019 )
MB37 MB728 FYR08 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300 MBX Construction 3/20 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300 2019(1).jpg
MB38 MB856 FYR09 Load Lifter MBX Construction 12/20 Load Lifter (2019)
MB39 MB886 FYR73 Ground Grinder MBX Construction 16/20 Ground Grinder (2019)
MB40 MB982 FYR10 Hummer H2 SUV Concept MBX Construction 6/20 Hummer H2 SUV Concept (2019)
MB41 MB1178 FYP33 International Terrastar (New) MBX Rescue 9/20 International Terrastar (2019 NEW)
MB42 MB1179 '16 Ford Explorer Interceptor (New)
MB43 MB1180 FYP35 ´59 Dodge Coronet Police (New) MBX Rescue 15/20 Dodge Coronet Police (2019 1-100)
MB44 MB1085 FYR11 RSQ-18 Tank MBX Rescue 6/20 RSQ-18 Tank (2019 Blue)
MB45 MB1087 FYR12 ´33 Plymouth PC Sedan MBX Rescue 18/20
MB46 MB1086 FYR13 Scania P 360 MBX Rescue 5/20
MB47 MB817 FYR16 Ford F-550 Super Duty MBX Rescue 10/20 Ford F-550 Super Duty (2019)
MB48 MB1003 FYR14 Freightliner Business Class M2 106 MBX Rescue 7/20 Freightliner Business Class M2 106 (2019)
MB49 MB933 FYR15 Dodge Charger Pursuit MBX Rescue 20/20 Dodge Charger Pursuit (2019 CND Police)
MB50 MB1027 ´17 Ford Skyjacker Superduty F-350
MB51 MB574 FYR17 Jeep Cherokee Police MBX Rescue 12/20 Jeep Cherokee Fire (2019 MB574)
MB52 MB864 '76 International Scout 4x4
MB53 MB129 FYR19 '89 Chevy Blazer 4x4 MBX Rescue 11/20 Chevy Blazer 4x4 (2019)
MB54 MB857 FYR75 ´00 Chevrolet Suburban MBX Rescue 2/20 Chevrolet Suburban (2019 1-100)
MB55 MB843 FYR76 Seagrave Fire Engine MBX Rescue 14/20 Seagrave Fire Truck (2019)
MB56 MB901 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Police Car
MB57 MB1046 FYR20 ´51 Hudson Hornet Police MBX Rescue 3/20 Hudson Hornet Police (2019 Blue)
MB58 MB860 FYR21 ´12 Ford Explorer Interceptor MBX Rescue 8/20 Ford Explorer Interceptor (2019 1-100)
MB59 MB824 FYR77 S.W.A.T. Truck MBX Rescue 4/20 S.W.A.T. Truck
MB60 MB996 FYR78 Hazard Squad MBX Rescue 16/20 Hazard Squad (2019)
MB61 MB1181 FYP36 Nissan Titan Warrior Concept (New) MBX Off Road 8/20 Nissan Titan Warrior Concept (2019)
MB62 MB1182 FYP37 ´18 Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Rubicon (New) MBX Off Road 9/20 Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Rubicon (2019 1-100)
MB63 MB1183 ’68 Dodge D200 Pickup 4x4 (New)
MB64 MB1184 FYP39 ´65 Land Rover GEN II (New) MBX Off Road 7/20 Land Rover GEN II (2019 NEW Casting)
MB65 MB1185 FYP40 ´85 Porsche 911 Rally (New) MBX Off Road 19/20 Porsche 911 Rally (2019 NEW Model)
MB66 MB1186 Polaris Slingshot (New)
MB67 MB1078 FYR22 ´16 Chevy Colorado Xtreme MBX Off Road 6/20 Chevy Colorado Xtreme (2019)
MB68 MB716 FYR23 Ridge Raider MBX Off Road 18/20 Ridge Raider (2019)
MB69 MB795 FYR24 Cliff Hanger MBX Off Road 14/20 Cliff Hanger (2019 MB795)
MB70 MB902 MBX Prospector
MB71 MB731 FYR79 Baja Bandit MBX Off Road 15/20 Baja Bandit (2019)
MB72 MB909 FYR80 Rapid Rescue MBX Off Road 17/20 Rapid Rescue (2019 72)
MB73 MB1023 FYR26 ´70 Datsun 510 Rally MBX Off Road 13/20 Datsun 510 Rally (2019)
MB74 MB748 MBX 4x4
MB75 MB738 FYR81 ´74 Volkswagen Type 181 MBX Off Road 2/20 Volkswagen Type 181 (2019 RE)
MB76 MB878 FYR82 ´60 Jeep 4x4 MBX Off Road 4/20 Jeep 4x4 (2019 MB878)
MB77 MB1053 GHE-O Predator
MB78 MB1083 ´63 Austin Healey 3000 MK2
MB79 MB1056 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6
MB80 MB1084 FYR30 Camo Convoy MBX Off Road 1/20 Camo Convoy (2019)
MB81 MB1187 FYP42 ´10 Ford Animal Control Truck (New) MBX Service 19/20 Ford Animal Control Truck (2019 NEW)
MB82 MB1188 FYP43 Subaru Sambar Truck (New) MBX Service 6/20
MB83 MB1189 FYP44 MBX Mini Swisher (New) MBX Service 10/20 MBX Mini Swisher (2019)
MB84 MB1190 FYP45 Nissan NV Van (New) MBX Service 7/20 Nissan NV Van (2019 NEW)
MB85 MB1191 FYP46 MBX Armored Truck (New) MBX Service 16/20 MBX Armored Truck (2019)
MB86 MB741 FYR31 Volkswagen Caddy Delivery MBX Service 20/20 Volkswagen Caddy Delivery (2019)
MB87 MB999 FYR32 MBX Chow Wagon MBX Service 9/20 MBX Chow Wagon (2019)
MB88 MB813 FYR33 Mission Support Vehicle MBX Service 18/20 Mission Support Vehicle (2019 1-100)
MB89 MB1041 1962 Nissan Junior
MB90 MB1089 GMC Scenic Cruiser
MB91 MB742 FYR36 Garbage King MBX Service 15/20 Garbage King (2019 Modified)
MB92 MB985 ´57 GMC Stepside
MB93 MB695 FYR84 Petrol Pumper MBX Service 2/20 Petrol Tanker (2019 Milk)
MB94 MB968 FYR85 Bay Brigade MBX Service 12/20 Bay Brigade (2019 1-100)
MB95 MB1074 FYR38 MBX Flatbed King MBX Service 3/20 MBX Flatbed King (2019)
MB96 MB765 FYR39 ´64 Austin Mini Cooper MBX Service 5/20 Austin Mini Cooper (2019 1-100)
MB97 MB998 GMC School Bus
MB98 MB778 FYR40 Ice Cream King MBX Service 11/20
MB99 MB727 Bentley Continental GT
MB100 MB978 FYR88 Meter Made MBX Service 4/20 Meter Made (2019 White)

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