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1-100 Series[]

There are six different world segments in the 2020 Matchbox 1-100 Series: MBX Highway, MBX City, MBX Countryside, MBX Jungle, MBX Mountain, and MBX Coastal.

Model # Man # Card # Model Name World Segment Photo
MB1 MB1199 GKK19
2019 Jeep Renegade
MBX City Jeeprenegade2020.png
MB2 MB1218 GKK38 2019 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible
MBX City Volkswagenthebeetleconv2020.jpg
MB3 MB1212 GKK32 MBX Self-Driving Bus
MBX City Mbxselfdrivingbus20202.jpg
MB4 MB1202 Image Not Available.jpg
MB5 MB1216 GKK36 Renault Kangoo
MBX City Renaultkangaroo2020.jpg
MB6 MB1208 GKK28 LEVC TX Taxi
MBX City 2018 LEVC TX TAXI- MATCHBOX 2020.jpg
MB7 MB1198 GKK18 Chevy Caprice Classic Police
MBX City Chevycapricepolice2020.jpg
MB8 MB1200 GKK20 Volkswagen Golf Mk 1
MBX City Volkswagenmk12020.jpg
MB9 MB1207 GKK27 '41 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Coupe
MBX City Cadillac62converitble2020.jpg
MB10 MB1217 GKK37 MBX Garbage Scout
MBX City GarbageKing2020.png
MB11 MB1167 GKK97 2011 Mini Countryman
MBX City Minicountryman2020.jpg
MB12 MB1205 GKK25 ´16 Alfa Romeo Giulia
MBX City Alfaromaogulia2020.jpg
MB13 MB1169 GKK43 Mercedes-Benz S123 Wagon MBX City MercedesS123Wagon2020.png
MB14 MB042 GKK44 ´57 Ford Thunderbird MBX City Fordthunderbird2020.jpg
MB15 MB1168 GKK60 2018 Dodge Charger MBX City 2018dodgecharger2020.jpg
MB16 MB327 GKK61 '33 Ford Coupe MBX City 33fordcupe2020.jpg
MB17 MB1188 GKK62 2014 Subaru Sambar MBX City 2014suburusandbar2020.jpg
MB18 MB999 GKK63 Chow Mobile MBX City Chowmobile2020.jpg
MB19 MB856 GKK92 Load Lifter MBX Countryside Loadlifter2020.jpg
MB20 MB742 GKK72 Garbage King MBX City Garbageking2020.jpg
MB21 MB1189 GKK83 MBX Mini Swisher MBX City Mbxminiswisher2020.jpg
MB22 MB817 GKK73 Ford F-550 Super Duty MBX City F550superduty2020.jpg
MB23 MB895 GKK74 Road Raider MBX City Roadraider2020.jpg
MB24 MB1014 GKK75 2015 Corvette Stingray MBX Highway Chevroletcorvette2020.jpg
MB25 MB1074 GKK76 MBX Flatbed King MBX City Flatbedking2020.jpg
MB26 MB843 GKK84 Seagrave Fire Engine MBX City Seagravefireengine2020.jpg
MB27 MB873 GKK85 International Armored Truck MBX City InternationarmourdedTruck2020.png
MB28 MB821 GKK86 Ford Police Interceptor MBX City Fordpoliceintercepter2020.jpg
MB29 MB726 GKK87 Audi R8 MBX City Audir82020.jpg
MB30 MB765 GKK45 '64 Austin Mini Cooper Mr. Bean Special AstonMiniMrBean2020.png
MB31 MB896 GKK98 2014 Range Rover Evoque MBX City Rangeroverevoque2020.jpg
MB32 MB1187 GKK99 '10 Ford Animal Control Truck MBX City GKK99 - 10 Ford Animal Control Truck-2.jpg
MB33 MB738 GKL00 ´74 Volkswagen Type 181 MBX Jungle Volkswagenthing2020.jpg
MB34 MB1003 GKL01 Freightliner M2 106 MBX City Freightlinerm21062020.jpg
MB35 MB1012 GKL09 Mazda MX-5 Miata MBX City Matchbox-Mazda-MX-5-Miata-MBX-City-2020 .jpg
MB36 MB1195 GKL10 '15 Mercedes-Benz G550 MBX Highway Blue g 550.jpg
MB37 MB423 GKL11 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet MBX City Matchbox-Porsche-911-Carrera-Cabriolet-MBX-City-2020.jpg
MB38 MB1186 GKL12 1948 Willys Jeepster MBX City Jeepster2020.png
MB39 MB579 GKL13 '03 Mini Cooper S MBX City Minicoopers2020.jpg
MB40 MB1087 GKL14 1933 Plymouth Sedan MBX City Matchbox-1933-Plymouth-Sedan-MBX-City-2020.jpg
MB41 [1] MB1219 2019 Mazda3 MazdaMazda3Red.jpg
MB42 MB1083 GKK57 ´63 Austin Healey Roadster MBX City 63austinhealey2020.jpg
MB43 MB778 GKK82 Ice Cream King MBX City IceCreamKing2020.png
MB44 MB1201 GKK21 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S
MBX Highway Mercedesgt63s2020.jpg
MB45 MB1209 GKK29
'76 Honda CVCC
MBX Highway 76hondacvcc2020.jpg
MB46 MB1211 GKK31
2018 Bugatti Divo
MBX Coastal EC488D37-98BC-404C-941E-2967A649D523.jpeg
MB47 MB1221 GKK41 2020 Corvette C8
MBX Highway B497D427-AC1F-4347-A420-7E0DC87539B7.jpg
MB48 MB1179 GKK46 2016 Ford Interceptor Utility MBX City Fordexplorerutility2020.jpg
MB49 MB1195 GKK65 2015 Mercedes-Benz G 550 MBX Highway 15mercedesg5502020.jpg
MB50 MB1173 GKK66 '69 BMW 2002 MBX Highway 1969bmw20022020.jpg
MB51 MB1174 GKK77 '35 Ford Pick-Up MBX Highway 35fordpickup2020.jpg
MB52 MB975 GKK88 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe MBX Highway Jaguarftypecoupe2020.jpg
MB53 MB1172 GKL02 ´75 Chevy Caprice MBX Highway Chevycapricered2020.jpg
MB54 MB1170 GKL03 2018 Ford Mustang Convertible MBX Highway 18fordmustang2020.jpg
MB55 MB1083 GKL15 1963 Austin Healey Roadster MBX City Matchbox-1963-Austin-Healey-Roadster-MBX-City-2020.jpg
MB56 MB1088 GKK47 1970 Plymouth Cuda MBX Highway PylmouthCuda2020.png
MB57 MB1186 GKL16 Polaris Slingshot MBX Highway Matchbox-Polaris-Slingshot-MBX-Highway-2020.jpg
MB58 MB1025 GKK81 Toyota Prius MBX City Matchbox-Toyota-Prius-MBX-City-2020.jpg
MB59 MB1203 GKK23 Polaris RZR
MBX Jungle Polarisrzr2020.jpg
MB60 MB1210 GKK30 '20 Jeep Gladiator
MBX Jungle Matchbox-20-Jeep-Gladiator-MBX-Jungle-2020-60-100-A.jpg
MB61 MB1213 GKK33 1971 MGB Coupe
MBX Countryside 1971mgbcoupe20202.jpg
MB62 MB1206 GKK26 '95 Nissan Hardbody
MBX Jungle 95nissanhardbodyd21.jpg
MB63 MB1184 GKK48 '65 Land Rover Gen II MBX Jungle GKK48 - 65 Land Rover Gen II Safari-1.jpg
MB64 MB1182 GKK67 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL MBX Jungle Jeepwranglerjl2020.jpg
MB65 MB1183 GKK49 1968 Dodge D200 MBX Jungle DodgeD2002020.png
MB66 MB1185 GKK59 ´85 Porsche 911 Rally MBX Jungle 85porscherally2020.jpg
MB67 MB738 GKL04 1974 Volkswagen Type 181 MBX Jungle DSC 1583.JPG
MB68 MB784 GKL05 Jeep Willys MBX Jungle GKL05 - Jeep Willys-1.jpg
MB69 MB953 GKL17 Chevy K1500 MBX Mountain Matchbox-Chevy-K1500-MBX-Mountain-2020.jpg
MB70 MB855 GKL18 Oshkosh Defense M-ATV MBX Jungle Oshkoshmatv2020.jpg
MB71 MB1197 GKK17 Big Banana Car
MBX Jungle Bigbananacar2020.jpg
MB72 MB1127 GKK70 Jeep Wrangler Rollbar (#18) MBX Jungle Jeepwrangler2020.jpg
MB73 MB1214 GKK34 '56 Aston Martin DBR1 MBX City AstonMartinDBR12020.png
MB74 MB939 GKK42 International WorkStar Brush Fire Truck MBX Mountain InternationalWorkstarBrushFireTruck2020.jpg
MB75 MB1194 GKK50 1961 Ford Falcon Ranchero MBX Mountain Fordrancherowhite2020.jpg
MB76 MB1181 GKK89 2016 Nissan Titan Warrior Concept MBX Mountain Nissantitanconcept2020.jpg
MB77 MB1177 GKK90 Ram Work Truck MBX Mountain Ramworktruck2020.jpg
MB78 MB1179 GKL19 2016 Ford Interceptor Utility MBX City Fordexplorerutility2020.jpg
MB79 MB1076 GKL06 MBX Trailer Trawler MBX Mountain 471.JPG
MB80 MB878 GKK68 Jeep 4x4 MBX Mountain Jeep 4x4 -80 Mountain 2020 Matchbox .jpg
MB81 MB1058 GKK94 Sonora Shredder MBX Mountain Sonorashredder2020.jpg
MB82 MB938 GKL08 Ford F-350 Super Duty Matchbox 75th Anniversary Special FordF3502020.png
MB83 MB1190 GKK51 Nissan NV Van MBX Coastal Nissannvvan2020.jpg
MB84 MB926 GKK69 Sea Spy MBX Coastal Seaking2020.png
MB85 MB816 GKK79 2010 Porsche Panamera MBX Highway 2010porschepanamara2020.jpg
MB86 MB363 GKK91 '62 Volkswagen Beetle MBX Coastal 1962vwbeetle2020.jpg
MB87 MB867 GKK52 Lamborghini Gallardo Police MBX City Lambopolice2020.jpg
MB88 MB976 GKL20
Ghe-O Rescue MBX Jungle Matchbox GHE-O Rescue.jpg
MB89 MB982 GKK71 Hummer H2 SUV Concept MBX Coastal Hummerh2suvconcept2020.jpg
MB90 MB1204 GKK24
1956 Powell Sport Pickup MBX Countryside Matchbox-1956-Powell-Sport-Pickup-MBX-Countryside-2020.jpg
MB91 MB834 GKK56 Crop Master MBX Countryside Cropmaster2020.jpg
MB92 MB1176 GKK53 MBX Backhoe MBX Countryside Mbxbackhoe2020.jpg
MB93 MB1078 GKK54 ´16 Chevy Colorado Xtreme MBX Countryside Chevycolorado2020.jpg
MB94 MB1180 GKL07 ´59 Dodge Coronet Police Car MBX Countryside 59dodgecoronet2020.png
MB95 MB327 GKK80 '33 Ford Coupe MBX City 31FordCoupe2020.png
MB96 MB1130 GKK55 '47 Chevy AD 3100 MBX Countryside 47chevy31002020.jpg
MB97 MB728 GKK64 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300 MBX Countryside Mercedesunimogu300.jpg
MB98 MB1045 GKK93 Speed Trapper MBX City Speedtrapper2020.jpg
MB99 MB1215 GKK35 MBX Cycle Trailer MBX Countryside MotoTrailer2020.png
MB100 MB1220 GKK40 ´62 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Sedan
Ewy Rosqvist Special Mercedesbenz220se2020.jpg


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