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Lotus Europa Special - 1972
Debut Series 1-100
Produced 2009 - Present
Number MB761
Designer Ryu Asada
Scale 1:64

Card description[]

  • They want you to reveal the secrets of the Mummy's Treasure but you never will! Time to make a break! You slip out the back door and jump into a Lotus Europa. With a speed of up to 125 mph, and a super-low fiberglass body, the Lotus Europa will get you under the security barrier before they even know you're gone!
    —From the 2010 and 2011 Heritage Classics cards


The Lotus Europa Special - 1972 has come out in the following 1:64 versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
N/A 2009 Promotional Superfast 40TH Gold Detailed trim, Superfast Gold / Plastic Clear Chrome 65px-M001f.jpg R8163 Thailand Annual 7th MCCH Gathering Lotus Europa (2020 Superfast 40 th).jpg
MB03 2009 Heritage Classics 3/11 Metalflake Blue Detailed trim Blue / Plastic Smoke Chrome M001f.jpg N5440 (USA) P4203 (INT) Thailand Lotus Europa Special - 1972 on base.
Base Codes: B04, B11, B12
N/A 2009 10-Pack Apple Green Detailed trim Lime Green / Plastic Smoke Chrome M001f.jpg P3024 Thailand Base Code(s): B34 0910pkEuropa.jpg
MB21 2010 1-100: Heritage Classics 6/9 Yellow Detailed trim Yellow / Plastic Smoke Chrome M001f.jpg R4951 (USA) R5038 (INT) Thailand Base Codes: C10, C13, C14, C18 LOTUS.jpg
N/A 2010 5-Pack: Classic Rides British Racing Green Detailed trim Green / Plastic Smoke Chrome M001f.jpg R0600 Thailand Base Codes: C17, C21, C25, C37 1972 Lotus Europa Special - 02552ef.jpg
N/A 2010 Lesney Edition Indigo Purple Detailed trim Unpainted / Metal Smoke Chrome Cut Tri-Spoke (Black) - 2851df.jpg R1280 Thailand Base Code(s): C28 Lesney Edition 72 Lotus Europa Sepcial.jpg
MB21 2011 1-100: Heritage Classics 8/12 Metalflake Pink Detailed trim Pink / Plastic Smoke Chrome M001f.jpg T8906 (USA) T9290 (INT) Thailand Base Codes: D06, D14, D16 LotusEuropaSpecial1972pink.jpg
MB64 2012 1-120: MBX Old Town 4/10 Metalflake Orange Detailed trim Orange / Plastic Smoke Chrome M001f.jpg W4790 (USA) W4916 (INT) Thailand Base Codes: E29, E32 Lotus Europa.jpg
MB78 2013 1-120: MBX Adventure City Metalflake Burgundy Detailed trim Burgundy / Plastic Smoke Chrome M001f.jpg Y0868 (USA) BBK76 (INT) Thailand Base Codes: F25, F29, F32 Lotus Europa Special (2013 MB-78).jpg
MB15 2019 1-100: MBX Road Trip 20/20 Metalflake Black Gold trim Black / Plastic Clear Chrome 65px-M001f.jpg FYR68 (USA) GCF63 (INT) Thailand Base Codes: M10, M11, M12, M13, M40 Lotus Europa Special (2019).jpg
N/A 2021 5-Pack: Coffee Cruisers II Yellow Black and White stripes, 6 Light Gray / Plastic Smoke Light Gray 65px-M001f.jpg GVY38 Thailand Base Codes: N35, N36 Coffee Cruisers II (GVY38) - 1972 Lotus Europa.jpg


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