MBX Bulldozer
Debut Series Real Working Rigs
Produced 2009-2012
Number RW-009
Scale Unlisted
RWR Bulldozer 20120916 JSCC

The Real Working Rigs Bulldozer features an elevating blade up front, a retractable ground ripping fork at the back, and working caterpillar treads. It has blue, yellow and green.


The MBX Bulldozer has appeared in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Treaders Color Toy # Country Notes Photo
RW-009 2009 Real Working Rigs Yellow CL7000 Black / Plastic Smoke Black Yellow MBX Bulldozer (2009 RWR)
RW-009 2010 Real Working Rigs Fluorescent Yellow CL7000 Black / Plastic Smoke Black Black MBX Bulldozer (2010 RWR)
RW-009 2012 Real Working Rigs Blue and Yellow INC Construction Yellow / Plastic Clear Black Black N5315 / E19 RWR Bulldozer 20120916 JSCC
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