List Of Every Matchbox Metal
Debut Series Matchbox Metal
Produced 2006-2007
Number N/A
Designer Caddy101
Scale 1/64
Matchbox Metal 10 pack

Matchbox Metal is a 2-year Series that has amazing cars, Good detailing, and Metal Parts.

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List Of MBX Metal

2006 Edit

Model Name Photo Debut year Make Model Brand Color Tampo
2005 Golf V GTI MB-1 VW Golf Mk V GTi-0 2006 Volkswagen Bright


Detailed Trim
2006 CLS500 Download-0 2006 Mercedes-Benz Metalflake Maroon Detailed Trim
2006 New XK Jaguar xk silver-0 2006 Jaguar Metalflake Silver Detailed Trim

E-type Coupe

Download(1) 2006 Jaguar Red Detailed


2004 RS6 Avant Download(2) 2006 Audi MetalFlake




2001 F-150

SVT Lightning

Download(3) 2005 Ford Pearl White SVT-lightning on Bedcover

Detailed front-end.

2004 xB Download(4) 2005 Toyota/Scion Pearl


Detailed Trim
2005 Shelby Cobra Concept Download.jpgwww 2005 Ford Deep red Detailed


2005 GT Download.jpgwww.jpgwww 2005 Ford Light Blue Orange Strip w' white circle "4" on the hood,

Detailed trim.

Silverado SS MB-10 Chevrolet Silverado SS 2005 Chevrolet Tanish Gold Detailed Trim
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