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Circus Circus Box Set
Debut Series Motor City
Produced 1992
Number MC-803/MC-804
Circus set (1992).jpg

Vehicles Included:[]

Series Name Color Tampo/Decal Base Color/ Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel/ Type(s) Notes Photo
Circus-Circus Dodge Commando White, Brown Tigers CIRCUS CIRCUS. Red, Yellow, Orange stripes Black, Metal Blue N/A Fivearch.jpg Cage is Removable Dodge Commando 1992 Circus.jpg
Circus-Circus Horse-Box White CIRCUS CIRCUS. Red, Yellow, Orange stripes Red, Metal Blue N/A Fivearch.jpg Only MC-804 Horse Box (1992 MC).jpg
Circus-Circus Model A Ford Teal and Red Circus Clown Black, Plastic Clear N/A Image Not Available.jpg Yellow The Modified 'Funny Car' Version, Only MC-804 Model A Ford (1992 Circus Set).jpg
Circus-Circus Land Rover Ninety White  Yellow, orange and red stripes, CIRCUS CIRCUS Red/ Metal Clear Black 65px-M004f.jpg Land Rover Ninety (Circus set).jpg
Circus-Circus Caravan White Yellow, orange and red stripes Black/ Metal Clear Tan M004f.jpg Caravan (1992 Circus set).jpg
Circus-Circus DAF 3300 Space Cab White and Red Red,Yellow stripes Black/ Plastic Blue tint N/A 65px-8-Spoke Industrial - 4740cf.jpg DAF 3300 Space Cab (Circus Set).jpg
Circus-Circus Mobile Workshop Trailer White Red,Yellow stripes, CIRCUS CIRCUS, Clown, Grey N/A N/A
Circus-Circus Stearman PT-17 Kaydet White Red,Yellow stripes, CIRCUS CIRCUS White/ Metal N/A Silver Wheels (Sky Busters).jpg Only MC-804 Stearman Biplane.JPG

Horses were also included in both the MC-803 version, and the MC-804 version.


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