Mercedes-Benz ML 430
Debut Series Trucks
Produced 2000-2006
Number MB427
Scale 1:62
Stars of Germany Mercedes ML430


The Mercedes-Benz ML 430 has come out in the following 1/62 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB63 (Ger) 1999 1-75: Trucks (INT) Metallic Burgundy Silver headlights, Mercedes logo Burgundy / Plastic Smoke Black Split5spoke 37745 (INT) China Mercedes-Benz ML 430 (1999 1-75)
MB57 (ROW) MB77 (USA) 2000 Snow Explorer 2/5 Dark Indigo Blue Silver headlights, Mercedes logo Black / Plastic Smoke Black Split5spoke 96372 (USA) China Mercedes-Benz ML 430 (2000 Blue)
N/A 2000 5-Pack: Car Wash Metalflake Dark Green Silver headlights, Mercedes logo Dark Green / Plastic Smoke Black Split5spoke 96488 China MercedesBenzML430metalflakegreen
N/A 2001 5-Pack: Summit Seekers Silver 01, mtn, snowflakes Black / Plastic Clear Green 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf 95392 China Mercedes-Benz ML430 (2001 5 Pack)
N/A 2002 Stars of Germany Metallic Blue Silver headlights Blue / Plastic Clear Gray Lace 90156 China Stars of Germany Mercedes ML430
MB29 2002 1-75: Cool Rides 1/4 White ML Series, Mercedes logo Purple / Plastic Clear Purple Lace 95225 (USA) 95849 (INT) China w/ or w/o '50' logo 862B - 2002 1-7550th Mercedes-Benz ML 430
N/A 2002 Across America: Connecticut 5/54 Silver Connecticut Constitution News, 5 Black / Plastic Clear Black Lace 97503 China 05 Mercedes-Benz ML 430 (Connecticut)
N/A 2002 Across America: Canada 51/54 Metalflake Light Blue Polar Bear Watch, Canada Black / Plastic Smoke Black Lace 91954 China Mercedes-Benz ML 430 (Canada)
N/A 2003 5-Pack: Nickelodeon Metalflake Lime Green Rugrats Pink / Plastic Yellow Tint White Lace 91534 China Image Not Available
N/A 2003 Stars of Germany Red Feuerwehr, 112, Einsatzleitung Black / Plastic Smoke Black Lace China 862D - 2003 Stars of Germany GER
N/A 2003 Collectibles: The Osbournes Metalflake Blue The Osbournes, Detailed trim Blue/ Plastic Clear Beige Solid5spoke 91383 China ´862-OVP-2003-Collectibles-The Osbournes
N/A 2004 Around the World: New York 19/45 Black New York tampos Blue / Plastic Smoke Red 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf China Image Not Available
N/A 2005 Stars of Cars Metallic Dark Forest Green Silver headlights, Mercedes logo, detailed taillights Black / Plastic Clear Beige Lace J0204 China Thailand Dinky printed on base Stars of Cars Mercedes-Benz ML 430


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