Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300
Debut Series 1-75 MBX Metal
Produced 2007-Present
Number MB728
Scale 1:84

Vehicle HistoryEdit

Produced from 2002-Present, the second generation Unimog 437.4 is a heavy duty tractor offered in 2 door closed cab body style and is a part of the Unimog series started production in 1947. Replacing the 425 and 435, the 437 cab design's is edgy and square and is designed for a multitude of commercial use in the workplace.

The Matchbox Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300 is based on the revised 437.4 model produced from 2002 to 2013. It made its debut for the 2007 mainline for the 1-75 series under the sub series of MBX Metal in Pumpkin Orange. The casting has a number of MB728 and been in production ever since.

Technical SpecsEdit

  • Vehicle's technical specs are not available at this time.


The Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300 has been issued in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB46 2007 MBX Metal Pumpkin Orange Detailed headlights and taillights Black / Plastic Smoke Black M007 - 6909bf K7490 Thailand MB-46 Unimog
MB46 2007 MBX Metal Metallic Dark Silver Detailed headlights and taillights Dark Gray / Plastic Smoke Dark Gray M007 - 6909bf L5044 Thailand MBX Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300
2008 10 Pack Exclusive Metallic Silver Blue Stylized blue door stripe, “Driver # 728”, Red & White Dashes Dark Gray / Plastic Smoke Dark Gray M007 - 6909bf Thailand MBX Silver blue Unimog U300
MB61 2008 Construction 5/7 Bright Blue White, Red, Yellow and Black with "Cargo Couriers" on the sides Black / Plastic Smoke Black 6SpokeUtility(Black) M5326 M7401 Thailand Base code(s): A40, A45, A47 MBX Mercedes-Benz Unimos U300 (2)
2008 Euro Edition Metallic  Bright  Lime  Green “G Co.” tampos on sides, front headlights w/ Orange signals Black / Plastic Smoke Black M007 - 6909bf N5843 Thailand Base code(s): A47 U300-N5843
2009 Euro Edition Black White stripes on side, MServices, headlights, Red taillights, Orange signals Burgundy / Plastic Smoke Burgundy M007 - 6909bf P9155 Thailand

Base code(s): B19

Euro Edition Mercedes Benz Unimog U300
MB70 2009 Highway Maintenance 2/6 Teal Blue Black, Silver, Red and White "HDR" tampos on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Black 6SpokeUtility(Black) P2954 Thailand Base code(s): B40 0970Unimog
N/A 2017 5-Pack: River Adventures Tan 728, Black, Blue and White "HDR" tampos on sides Brown / Plastic Light blue Brown 6SpokeUtility(Gold) Thailand Trailer hitch;
Base code(s): K28, K47, L05
Mecedes-Benz Unimog (2017)
N/A 2018 Mercedes-Benz Series Mint Green National Parks tampo Dark Grey / Plastic Smoke Dark Grey M007 - 6909bf FHY39 Thailand Base code(s): L21, L29 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300 (2018-19 National Parl)
MB37 2019 1-100: MBX Construction 3/20 Red Black, Silver, "melton" tampos on sides Grey / Plastic Clear Grey Six Spoke Utility (Black with Chrome rim) FYR08 Thailand Base codes: L40, L42, L43, L48 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300 2019(1).jpg
N/A 2019 Mercedes-Benz 5-Pack Mint Green National Parks tampo Dark Grey / Plastic Smoke Dark Grey M007 - 6909bf FHY44 Thailand Base code(s): L41 FHY44 - Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300-2
MB97 2020 1-100: MBX Countryside Bright Lime Green Yellow and black tampos; signals, “Farm Fresh” and “Delivery” on sides with safety pattern. Black / Plastic Smoke Black Wheel Utility Yellow GKK64 Thailand Base code(s): M43, M44, M46, M47, M48, M50, M51 Mercedesunimogu300

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