Mercury Commuter
Debut Series 1-75
Produced 1969 to 1973
Number 73
Scale 1:72
6873 Mercury Commuter


This has been isued in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Labels Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes / Variations Photo
73 1969 1-75 Light green none unpainted clear white MB silver dish England Dogs in rear window 6873 Mercury Commuter
73 1970


1-75 Light green none unpainted clear white SuperfastSmall England Dogs in rear window MATCHBOX-LESNEY SERIES -73 MERCURY WAGON WITH DOGS ENGLAND (2)
73 1972 1-75 Red Bull's head unpainted clear white MB 5 SP England Dogs in rear window, wider castline DSC 17734 (Small) (2)

The No. 73 Mercury Commuter is a model of a 1968 Mercury Commuter station wagon, commonly found in green with a pale interior. The model may be most notable for the two dogs in the back cargo area, peering out of the open rear window. Initially offered with Autosteer, the model was later converted to Superfast wheels.

This model was given a mild redesign to create the Mercury Police Car, and likely influenced the dogs and initial coloring of the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser (1971). Early editions of casting 55D, the Mercury Park Lane Police Car, shared a base with the Commuter; the common base is labeled "No 55 or 73 / Mercury".


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