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Mini Dozer
Debut Series 1-120: MBX Construction
Produced 2014-2020
Number MB917
Mini Dozer Cast.png


The Mini Dozer has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Blade Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB111 2014 1-120: MBX Construction White mini-dozer, 4, Green stripe Black / Plastic Orange Black Tiny Rollers BDV71 Thailand Base Code(s): G19, G24, G25 Mini Dozer 2014-1-120.jpg
MB27 2015 1-120: MBX Construction and
Power Grabs
Orange MHConstruction, mini dozer, 6C Gray / Plastic White Gray Tiny Wheels CFW02 (USA) CGF62 (PG) Thailand Base Code(s): G46 Mini Dozer 2015.jpg
N/A 2016 5-Pack: Construction Zone Yellow Black stripe, TOYBOX Black / Plastic Red Black Tiny Rollers DJY00 Thailand Base Code(s): H45, H50 Mini Dozer (2016 5 Pack).jpg
MB29 2019 1-100: MBX Construction 17/20 and
Yellow mini-dozer, 3, Black stripe Black / Plastic Gray Black Tiny Rollers FYR03 (USA) Thailand Base Code(s): L52, M05, M06, M11 Mini Dozer(2019 1-100).jpg
N/A 2020 Mission Force: Construction Crew White mini-dozer, 4, Blue stripe Black / Plastic Yellow Black Tiny Rollers GLG23 Thailand Base Code(s): N22 Image Not Available.jpg