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Mission Force Sets
Produced 2014
MBX Mission Force (2014 Logo).jpg


#1 Police[]

  • An unidentified suspect is on the loose. With tracking from above, S.W.A.T. at the ready, and only the toughest vehicles in pursuit, the suspect will be surrounded and apprehended in no time!
Number # Model Name Photo Model Photo Set
SB-081 Sikorsky S-92 Sikorsky S-92 Helicopter (2014 SB-81).jpg Mission Force (2014 Police).jpg
Image Not Available.jpg
SB-079 Robinson R44 Image Not Available.jpg
MB824 SWAT Truck S.W.A.T. Truck (2014 MF Set).jpg
MB821 Ford Explorer Ford Police Interceptor (2014 MF Set).jpg
MB860 Ford Police Interceptor Ford Explorer Interceptor (2014 MF Set).jpg

#2 Space[]

  • The shuttle is about to embark on a space exploration. All transport report to command-land, air, and space vehicles are all essential to a successful launch.
Number # Model Name Photo Model Photo Set
SB-089 Star Shuttle Space Shutle (2014 MF Set).jpg Mission Force (2014 Space).jpg
Mission Force (2014 Space Rear side).jpg
SB-064 Mission Chopper Mission Chopper (2014 MF Set).jpg
MB813 Express Delivery Express Delivery (2014 MF Set).jpg
MB831 ATV 6x6 ATV 6x6 (2014 MF Set).jpg
MB695 Utility Tanker Gas Tanker (2014 MF Set).jpg

#3 Fire[]

  • A huge fire is spreading through downtown! It's going to take a special team to put it out. Air and land vehicles work together to target the quickly spreading flames, clear out the citizens, and return the area to safety!
Number # Model Name Photo Model Photo Set
SB-087 Blaze Buster Image Not Available.jpg Mission Force (2015 Fire).jpg
Image Not Available.jpg
SB-044 Rescue Helicopter Image Not Available.jpg
MB949 2006 Fire Engine Fire Engine (2014 MF Set).jpg
MB996 Hazard Squad Image Not Available.jpg
MB897 Blaze Blaster Blaze Blaster (2014 MF Set).jpg

#4 Tactical Crew[]

  • With the entire tactical team reporting for duty, there are forces on the ground and in the air, ready for tracking, pursuit, tactical operations and rescue!
Number # Model Name Photo Model Photo Set
SB-078 Northrop Grumman B-2 Image Not Available.jpg Mission Force (2014 Tactical crew).jpg
Image Not Available.jpg
SB-099 Boeing AH-64 Apache Image Not Available.jpg
MB888 International MXT MVA Image Not Available.jpg
MB855 Oshkosh M-ATV Image Not Available.jpg
MB784 1943 Jeep Willys Image Not Available.jpg

#5 Jungle[]

  • You're on a secret jungle mission. It's a good thing your ground vehicles can cross the most vine-tangled terrain. Send you aircraft to scout out the temple from up above!
Number # Model Name Photo Model Photo Set
SB-084 Sea Plane Image Not Available.jpg Mission Force (2014 Jungle).jpg
Mission Force (2014 Jungle Rear side).jpg
SB-108 Sky Safari Image Not Available.jpg
MB818 Dune Dog Image Not Available.jpg
MB783 Jungle Crawler Jungle Crawler (2014 MF Set).jpg
MB831 ATV 6x6 Image Not Available.jpg

#6 Construction[]

  • The City needs a new skyscraper! No problem. You send in your massive land movers to prepare the ground. Choppers hover overhead and survey the giant structure's progress!
Number # Model Name Photo Model Photo Set
SB-064 SB64 Mission Chopper Mission Chopper (2014 Construction Set).jpg Mission Force (2014 Construction).jpg
Mission Force (2014 Construction Rear side).jpg
SB-100 Blade Force IMG 7633.JPG
MB931 3 Axle Dump Truck IMG 7630.JPG
MB886 Ground Grinder Ground Grinder (2014 Mission Force).jpg
MB948 Ground Breaker IMG 7631.JPG
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