Quarry King
Debut Series Construction
Produced 2008-Present
Number MB737
Scale 1:64

Description Edit

A large storm is brewing and the whole town needs to protect itself from damage. Luckily, the reliable Quarry King, with its large diesel-powered engine and massive shovel, can work quickly to build giant sand dunes and protect the city from flooding. The storm will be rough, but now we're ready!

In 2012 this vehicle was modified by moving the side steps from being part of the body to part of the base.

In 2013, they took off the ladders for the 60th Anniversary version. Hopefully they will be seen again.


The Quarry King has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB57 2008 Construction 1/7 Yellow Black, White and Orange with "Quarry King" and "737" on sides Black / Plastic Gray RingedGearRivitedYellow M2974 Thailand Variations: Yellow and Chrome rimmed wheels 0857QuarryKing
MB57 2008 Construction 1/7 Orange Black, White and Orange with "Quarry King" and "737" on sides Black / Plastic Gray RingedGearRivitedOrange N2521 Thailand Variations: Orange and Dark Gray rimmed wheels 0857QuarryKingOrange
MB57 2008 MBX Metal (INT) Orange Black, White and Orange with "Quarry King" and "737" on sides Black / Plastic Gray RingedGearRivitedOrange N2522 (INT) Thailand 0857QuarryKingOrange
MB63 2009 Construction 2/7 Metalflake Olive Black, White and Red with "737 Quarry King" on sides Olive / Plastic Gray RingedGearRivitedWhite P2948 Thailand 0963-QuarryKing
SF03 2009 Superfast Black / Green White and Orange stripe with White "Quarry King" on sides Black / Plastic Silver RingedGearRivitedWhite Thailand 09SF3QuarryKing
N/A 2009 5-Pack: Construction Medium Red White, Black, Red and Yellow with "MC Construction" on sides Black / Plastic Black Black Oval Thailand Base code(s): A47 09ConstructionQuarryKing
N/A 2009 European Edition Lemon 737 QUARRY KING Gray / Plastic Black RingedGearRivitedYellow Thailand Quarry King European Edition
MB41 2010 Construction 5/14 Matte Medium Blue Quarry King, Black and White stripe, Orange stripe Silver / Plastic Black RingedGearRivitedWhite R4989 Thailand Base Code(s): C11 Construction Quarry King
MB41 2011 Construction 4/11 Dark Olive Green QK100, White stripes Dark Olive Green / Plastic Black Ringed Gear Rivited T8953 Thailand Base Code(s): D23 ConstructionQuarryKingolivegreen
MB91 2012 1-120: MBX Island 1/10 Dark Yellow JONES BROS. 12 Maroon / Plastic Black DkGrayRingedGearRivited W4841 Thailand Base code(s): D51 Quarry King 2012a
N/A 2013 60th Anniversary 3/24 Yellow MATCHBOX Yellow / Plastic Gray RingedGearRivitedYellow Y5347 Thailand Base code(s): E49, E50, F03 60th Anniversary Quarry King
MB32 2014 1-120: MBX Construction Lime Green QUARRY KING, CARGO Black / Plastic Black Wheel 2014 ConstrGray Thailand Base Code(s): G45 Quarry King 2014
MB29 2015 1-120: MBX Construction Metallic Green MBX, Yellow stripe Green / Plastic Black RingedGearRiveted CFW04 Thailand Base Code(s): H19 QUarry Kinq 2015 29
N/A 2015 5-Pack: Jurassic Park Construction Tan WORLD CREW, M2 Tan / Plastic Silver Wheel 4x4 ChromeBrown CJM11 Thailand Base code(s): H20 Quarry King Jurassic World 5Pack Island
MB58 2016 1-125: MBX Construction Orange 1016, CONSTRUCTION,  SaH logo Black / Plastic Yellow RingedGearRivitedYellow DJW00 Thailand Base code(s): J17, J21, J30 Quarry King (2016 Orange)
MB76 2017 1-125: MBX Construction Blue POLICE, MBX, 76 Black / Plastic Blue RingedGearRiveted DVK86 DWT85 Thailand Base code(s): K04 Quarry King (2017 1-125 Police)

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