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Official Names[]

When a vehicle is produced, it is usually called with a simpler name. These vehicles were never called so on the base or on the card, but that's what they call it in simpler words. Below is some of the vehicles of a regular name before production. Only Generic Models.

Model # Model Name Official Name Year of First Release Notes
MB566 Highway Rescue Fire Truck Highway Pumper 2003 First release has "Highway Fire Pumper" on card.
MB828 Pit King Light Duty Dump Truck 2011 This name was given many times before it was released.
MB778 Ice Cream Van Heritage Ice Cream Truck 2009 This is based on an antique British Bedford CA with a right-hand drive.
MB756 MBX Motor Home Toy Box Motor Home 2008 This model is based on a International Chassis. It is a Toy Box Motor Home.
MB572 Emergency Rescue 4x4 Emergency Response 4x4 2003 This name is actually seen on the card - only on the first release.