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Rescue Chopper
Debut Series Matchbox 1-75
Produced 1999-2005
Number MB416
Scale 1:80


The Rescue Chopper has come out in the following 1/80 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB60 (USA) 1999 1-100: Wilderness Adventure 5/5 White Red and Yellow stripes, Alpine Rescue Blue / Plastic Clear Blue 36259 China Series 12 Copter white.jpg
MB45 MB55 (ROW) 1999 Berg Expedition 5/5 (INT) White Red and Yellow stripes Blue / Plastic Clear Blue 37726 (INT) 36604 (INT) 37485 (INT) China Rettungs Hubschrauber on German card.
Copter on (INT) card.
Rescue Chopper.jpg
N/A 1999 5-Pack: Survival White Blue and Yellow design Red / Plastic Clear Red 36387 China Rescue Helicopter (1999 5 Pack).jpg
MB7 2000 Ocean Explorer 2/5 (USA)
Meeres Abenteuer (Ger)
White Red and Green stripes Blue / Plastic Blue Tint Blue 96011 (USA) 96032 (INT) 96037 (INT) China Rettungs Hubschrauber on German card.
Copter on (INT) card.
Rescue Chopper (2000 ).jpg
N/A 2000 5-Pack: Olympic Games Blue SYDNEY 2000 Yellow / Plastic Red Tint Yellow 96494 China Rescue Helicopter Sydney 2000.jpg
MB10 2001 1-75: Team Tundra 5/5 Faded Blue RES-026, stick figure climbing mountain Blue / Plastic Clear Blue 92213 (INT) 92502 (INT) China Herocopter on card Herocopter.jpg
N/A 2002 5-Pack: Ultra Rescue Black AIR, Red and White design Red / Plastic Yellow Tint Red 97214 (USA) 97303 (ROW) China Rescue Helicopter (2002 5 Pack).jpg
N/A 2002 The Crocodile Hunter #4 Khaki The Crocodile Hunter, 062802, "mud" splatters Pea Green / Plastic Clear Black 91570 China RescueChopperTheCrocodileHunterkhaki.jpg
N/A 2003 5-Pack: Police Dark Blue POLICE MISSION RADAR Black / Plastic Smoke Black China Rescue Chopper Police 2003.jpg
N/A 2004 5-Pack: Police Dark Yellow POLICE, M Blue / Plastic Black None China Rescue Chopper 2004.jpg
MB73 2005 1-75: Buried Treasure Flat Army Green 55427 6H, Orange stripes, Black bird symbol Black / Plastic Red Tint Black H1882 China Rapid Rescue Helicopter on card Rescue Chopper (2005).jpg