Rescue Helicopter
Debut Series 1-75 (Rescue Rookies)
Produced 2002-Present
Number MB541/MB984
Scale Unlisted
Rescue Helicopter (2016)


The Rescue Helicopter vehicle has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color/ Type Window Color Interior Color Blade Color Tail Color Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB63 2002 1-75: Rescue Rookies 11/13 White Med Alarm, Red heart, Blue circles Blue / Plastic Clear Silver Silver Blue 95255 (USA) 96834 (INT) China 50th Helicopter
MB13 2003 1-75: Hero City Hospital 3/5 Black Matchbox Hero City, 13, Yellow and Red scallops Red / Plastic Clear Silver Silver Red 97693 (USA) 97810 (INT) China Hospital Helicopter on card Rescue Helicopter (2003)
N/A 2003 Around the World: Mount Everest 30/45 Lime TIBET, MOUNT EVEREST Blue / Plastic Blue Tint Gray Gray Turquoise C0772 China Rescue Helicopter (2003 Around the World)
MB48 2004 1-75: Medic Rescue 5/5 Charcoal White cross, HERO CITY tampo Blue / Plastic Red Tint Red Red Blue B5365 (USA) B5470 (ROW) China Rescue Helicopter (2004 Medic Rescue)
N/A 2004 5-Pack: Highway Patrol White HERO CITY METRO POLICE Yellow / Plastic Red Tint Grey Silver Red B5564 China MB541 - 2004 5-Pack
N/A 2005 5-Pack: Military Charcoal X TEAM MBX Black / Plastic Smoke Red Red Black H4115 Thailand Rescue Helicopter
N/A 2006 5-Pack: Superman Returns #1 Red DAILY PLANET DP-606 White / Plastic Clear Gray Gray White J4724 Thailand MB541 - 2006 5-Pack USA
N/A 2007 5-Pack: Dragon's Lair Olive DXLI, MISSION LION Black / Plastic Red Gray Red Black K9407 Thailand Rescue Helicopter-2007
N/A 2007 5-Pack: Airport Metallic Blue SHUTTLE,  541 White / Plastic Clear Black Black White K9613 Thailand Rescue Helicopter (2007 5 Pack)
N/A 2008 5-Pack:  Police Black POLICE, 541, Gold & Blue stripe White / Plastic Clear Black Silver Gray White M0143 Thailand MB541 - 2008 5-Pack
N/A 2009 5-Pack: Police Black Red, Gold and White "Matchbox County Sheriff" on sides Red / Plastic Smoke Black Gray White N9646 Thailand 09PoliceHelicopter
N/A 2010 5-Pack: Police Blue POLICE, 541, Silver stripe White / Plastic Smoke Gray Gray Blue R0607 Thailand MB541 - 2010 5-Pack
MB26 2012 1-120:  MBX City 6/10 Blue 6 NEWS White / Plastic Smoke Black Red Blue W4813 Thailand Base Code(s): Rescue Helicopter 2012
N/A 2012 5-Pack: Brush Fire Rescue White Red, Black, Blue "Brush Fire Patrol" Red / Plastic Smoke Black Black Red W5178 Thailand 2012-BrushfireRescue5Pack-RescueHelicopter-White
MB66 2013 1-120: MBX Heroic Rescue Orange RSQ Silver / Plastic Smoke Gray Black Silver Y0851 (USA) BBK66 (INT) Thailand Base Code(s): Rescue Helicopter 2013
N/A 2014 5-Pack: Dino Adventure Red Silver Stripe, PTERODACTYL Gray / Plastic Yellow Tint Grey Grey Grey BFM96 Thailand Base Code(s): F47 Rescue Helicopter DinoSet
N/A 2015 5-Pack: Police Squad Blue 3A, AERIAL TRACKING, POLICE White / Plastic Clear Gray Gray White CJM03 Thailand Base code(s): H32 Rescue Helicopter 2015 5P
MB984 (Modified Model - The rear part can not be inserted)
N/A 2018 5-Pack: Wildfire Rescue Dark Green Orange stripe, FOREST SERVICES, RESCUE Grey / Plastic Dark None Orange Grey FMV36 Thailand Base code(s): L37, L46 Rescue Helicopter (2018 5 Pack)


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