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Retro Series
Produced 2020

Line history[]

The Retro Series (2020) series was released in 2020 and exclusively sold at Target retailers. This line consisted of 12 models, based on either older mainline versions of the casting or inspired retro liveries that were released for that particular assortment. Unlike previous years' assortments that were only available in regular mainline cases, the Retro Series has it's own unique assortment with card designs and artwork inspired by 1980s Matchbox.

The line continued as the Retro Series (2021) for 2021.


Series # Model # Model Name Toy # Photo Loose Photo Carded
1/12 MB811 1966 Lamborghini Miura P 400 GPJ04 Matchbox '68 Lamborghini Miura P400 S.jpg Target 0112 miura.jpg
2/12 MB812 1968 Ford Mustang GT CS GPJ05 Matchbox Ford Mustang GT CS - 1968.jpg Target 0212 mustang.jpg
3/12 MB1169 Mercedes-Benz S 123 Station Wagon GPJ11 Mercedes benz s 123 2020 retro-2.jpg IMG 5330.JPG
4/12 MB129 1989 Chevy Blazer 4x4 GPJ06 Blazer 4x4 retro 2020 rev.jpg Blazer 4x4 carded.jpg
5/12 MB180 Land Rover Ninety GPJ07 Land Rover Defender Ninety 2020-Retro.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
6/12 MB878 Jeep 4x4 GPJ08 Jeep 4x4 2020 retro.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
7/12 MB1185 Porsche 911 Rally GPJ03 Image Not Available.jpg 2020-10-30 10.07.13.jpg
8/12 MB327 1933 Ford Coupe GPJ09 Image Not Available.jpg 33 ford 2020 retro blis.jpg
9/12 MB805 Toyota 4Runner GPJ10 634070916.jpg Toyota 4 runner 2020 pack.jpg
10/12 MB901 2006 Ford Crown Victoria GPJ12 Image Not Available.jpg 2020-10-30 10.07.27.jpg
11/12 MB260 Dodge Viper GPJ13 Image Not Available.jpg 2020-10-30 10.01.58.jpg
12/12 MB991 1975 Chevy Stepside Pickup GPJ14 Image Not Available.jpg Chevy 75 stepside pickup 2020 retro.jpg