Debut Series 1-75 Series
Produced 1973-1985
Matchbox (Rola-matics)

Rolamatic vehicles are Matchbox 1-75 models where a lug on one of the wheels engages and moves part of the vehicle, such as spinning a fan or radar dish, or causing an engine to move up and down. In some cases multiple wheels were used, each wheel engaging and moving a different part of the vehicle. These vehicles are recognizable by the moving part(s), specialized wheels, and the fact that their bases are labeled "Rolamatics" instead of "Superfast". Rolamatics were issued in the 1970s and 1980s before being discontinued.


Rolamatic models include:

Col # Name Vehicle Type Moving part Notes Photo
MB10 Piston Popper Ford Mustang Pistons Move Up and Down in Clear Cylinders MATCHBOX ROLA-MATICS MUSTANG PISTON POPPER 1973 MB10-B ENGLAND (2)
MB16 Badger Radar/Communications Truck Radar Dish Rotates
7416 Badger
MB20 Police Patrol Range Rover "Revolving Light" on Roof Rotates Police Patrol Fly Car 20120520 JSCC
MB28 Stoat Armored Personnel Carrier Soldier Rotates
Stoat (Rolamatic)
MB35 Fandango Sport/Race Car Fan on Rear Deck Spins MATCHBOX ROLA-MATICS FANDANGO 1975 MB35-B WHITE ENGLAND (2)
MB39 Clipper Sport/Race Car Exhaust Pipes Rise and Fall MATCHBOX ROLA-MATICS CLIPPER 1973 MB39-A ENGLAND (2)
MB47 Beach Hopper Dune Buggy Driver Bounces Beach Hopper (Rolamatics)
MB57 Wildlife Truck Pickup Truck Animal in Truck Bed Rotates Wildlife Truck (Rolamatic)
MB67 Hot Rocker Ford Capri Engine Rocks Up and Down Based off of Ford Capri casting. Later reissued as Maxi Taxi Hot Rocker (Rolamatic)
MB69 Turbo Fury Sport/Race Car Rear Fan Rotates Turbo Fury (Rolamatic)
MB70 S.P. Gun Mechanized Artillery (Self-Propelled Gun) Gun Recoils Rides on caterpillar treads SP-Gun (Rolamatic)
MB72 Maxi Taxi Ford Capri Engine Rocks Up and Down Re-issue of #67 , Hot Rocker Maxi Taxi 20120611 JSCC
MB73 Weasel Military Tank Turret moves when rolled 7473 Weasel
MB73 Rotwheeler Fantasy - Animal Car Bouncing lower jaw Rotwheeler - 1996

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