Debut Series 1-120 Construction
Produced 2008-2013
2014-2017 (Modified Model)
Number MB745/MB946


When there's an important deadline, you can always rely on the Scraper to move the earth and get the job done! With the ability to scrape massive amounts of top-soil, carry huge loads and level the roughest ground, the Scraper is a vital member of any great construction team!

The Construction site is full of amazing things to see and hear! Giant graders and other massive haulers grind their gears as they move and pack the earth. Trucks and heavy duty vehicles kick up dust non-stop and the crew knows its latest project will soon be completed!


The Scraper has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Cab Color Scraper Color Tampo Base Color / Type Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB58 2008 Construction 2/7 Yellow Yellow Black and White with "ADLAR 58" and "ASADA Rentals" on sides Front: Black/Plastic
Rear: Grey/Plastic
Black Ringed Gear Rivited M0062 Thailand 0858Scraper
N/A 2008 10 Pack Apple Green Apple Green SCRAPER, 745, CONSTRUCTION CO. Front: Black/Plastic
Rear: Black/Plastic
Black Ringed Gear Rivited Thailand Base code(s): A39 Scraper (2008 10 Pack)
EE02 2009 Euro Edition Black Yellow Bauunternehmen, S745 Front: Gray / Plastic
Rear: Black / Plastic
Dark Gray


P9158 Thailand Euro Editoin Scraper
SF12 2009 Superfast Black Chrome DEWART Construction, 7 Front: Black / Plastic
Rear: Black / Plastic
Black Ringed Gear Rivited P2599 Thailand Base Code(s): B39 Superfast 40th Scraper
MB62 2009 Construction 1/7 Light Blue Gray Black, Gold and White "Scraper 745" on sides Front: Black / Plastic
Rear: Light Blue / Plastic
Black Ringed Gear Rivited P2947 Thailand 0962-Scraper
N/A 2009 Construction 5-Pack Orange Orange White, Black, Red and Yellow with "MC Construction" on sides Black / Plastic Black Ringed Gear Rivited Thailand 09ConstructionScraper
MB40 2010 Construction 4/14 Yellow Yellow 59, MBX, black sectional line Front: Gray / Plastic
Rear: Black / Plastic


R4988 Thailand Base Code(s): C39 Construction Scraper yellow
MB40 2011 Construction 3/11 Tan Tan 60, Asada Rentals, MBX, orange sections Black / Plastic Black Tan Ringed Gear Rivited T8952 Thailand Base Code(s): D13 MB745 Scraper
MB40 2011 Construction 3/11 White Red American Flag, American Construction, white stars Silver / Plastic Blue RingedGearRivitedWhite T8997 Thailand Base Code(s): D30 ConstructionScraperwhiteandred
MB58 2012 Construction 9/14 Orange White RANEC, Heavy Duty Scraper, 12 Black / Plastic Black RingedGearRivitedWhite W4840 Thailand Base Code(s): D33 ConstructionScraperwhiteandorange
N/A 2012 5-Pack: Construction Black Orange MBX Construction Black / Plastic Black RingedGearRivitedOrange W5189 Thailand 542J - 2012 5-Pack
MB96 2013 1-120: MBX Construction Orange Chrome ADLAR 58, A Front: Black / Plastic Rear: Orange / Plastic Black Wheel 4y4 2014Orange Y0958 Thailand Base codes(s): Scraper 2013

MB946 (Modified model)Edit

MB20 2014 1-120: MBX Construction Yellow Blue INC. construction Front: Black / Plastic Rear: Yellow / Plastic Black Wheel 2014 Constr Thailand Base code(s): Scraper 2014-1-120
MB28 2015 1-120: MBX Construction or 5-Pack: Construction Zone White Dark Gray MBX Front: Black/ Plastic
Rear: Black/ Plastic
Black RingedGearRiveted CFW13 Thailand "MBX S.C.P.R.X." on card.
Base code(s): G47
Scraper 2015-1-120-5Pack
MB43 2016 1-125: MBX Construction Black Mint Green ROAD CREW Front: Gray / Plastic Rear: Gray / Plastic Gray RingedGearRiveted DJV85 Thailand Base code(s): J12 Scraper (2016 1-125)
MB33 2017 1-125: MBX Construction White Red American Flag Front: Blue / Plastic Rear: Gray / Plastic Blue RingedGearRivitedWhite DVK50 Thailand "MBX S.C.P.R.X." on card.
Base Code(s): J49, K01
Scraper (2017 MB946)
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