Shipping Container
PSI Containers 20120618 JSCC

The first-generation shipping container, also known as the P. S. I Container, was designed to fit onto certain Matchbox vehicles of the late 1970s. Slots in the container's side accept the lifting prongs of the Sambron Jacklift, allowing that truck to lift the container and move it between other vehicles. Holes in the bottom accept short pegs on the Mercedes-Benz Container Truck, helping to hold the container in place. A low ridge around the edge of other vehicles served the same purpose. Neither mechanism held the container very strongly, however, and the shipping container often fell off of its vehicle during all but the most gentle play.

The container received a minor redesign during its life, with the doors becoming molded in place and the roof being cast with the sides, rather than the base. At the same time the legend P.S.I Container (lacking a period after the I) appeared on the base, and the side slots were reconfigured.

Vehicles AcceptingEdit

The following vehicles accepted the shipping container:

G1 Convoy flatbed with two Shipping Containers 20120616 JSCC

First-generation Convoy truck with two first-generation shipping containers. Josiah Carberry Collection.


The Shipping Container has been issued in the following versions:

Year Series Color Tampo Top Color Door Color Notes / Variations Photo
Tan "N.Y.K. Worldwide Service" Red Red Opening doors Shipping Container NYK 20120616 JSCC
Light-Tan "Sealand" Red Red Opening doors Image Not Available
1982 White "Federal Express" White White Doors molded shut, P.S.I Container on base Container (MBX Federal Express)
1982 Off-White "UNIROYAL UNIROYAL" Off-White Off-White Doors molded shut, P.S.I Container on base
CY-08 P.S.I. Container (1982)
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