Shovel Nose
(Blaze Trailer)
Debut Series Speed Kings
Produced 1972 - 1978
Number K-32/40
Scale 1:44
Shovel Nose closed 20131124 JSCC

The K-32/40 Shovel Nose is a King Size fantasy Matchbox vehicle, featuring a wedge-like shape, oversized rear wheels, and an opening cockpit. It appeared in yellow, as a race car (K-32); and in red, as a fire chief's car (K-40). In both cases, the base is marked "K-32/40 Shovel Nose", but packaging for the red version identified it as Blaze Trailer.


Shovel Nose was issued in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Rear Wheel Front Wheel Country Notes / Variations Photo
K-32 1972 through 1979 Speed Kings Yellow "4" on Roof Black-painted metal Amber Black Bullseye SuperfastSmall England Shovel Nose (K-32)
K-40 1973 through 1978 Speed Kings Red "Fire Chief" Yellow-painted metal Amber Yellow Bullseye SuperfastSmall England Shovel Nose closed 20131124 JSCC

Note: The "Blaze Trailer" is not included in the Matchbox Catalogue 1979/80 (International edition) [1]


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