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A2 Tank (K-102)A300B Airbus (SB-3)
AEC 1916-1921 (Y-6)
AMX JavelinAMX Javelin (K-54)AMX Pro-Stocker
ATV 6x6Abrams M1A1 Main Battle Tank (RW014)Abrams Main Battle Tank
Acre MakerAction Series: Construction (Super Kings)Action Series: Emergency (Super Kings)
Action Series: Farming (Super Kings)Action System 1997Adventure Links
Aero JuniorAero Junior II (SB-141)Air Lift
AirboatAirbus Helicopter H130 (SB-145)
Aircraft Carrier (K-304)Aircraft Transporter (K-106)Aircraft Transporter (K-13/K-114)
Airliner (SB-55/SB-62)
Airport CoachAirport Fire PumperAirport Fire Tanker
Airport Fire Tender (K-75)Airport Fire Truck
Albion ChieftainAlfa CaraboAlfa Romeo 155
Alfa Romeo 4CAlfa Romeo GT1300 JuniorAlfa Romeo Giulia
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTAAlfa Romeo SZ
All Terrain CraneAllchin 7 NHP Traction Engine (Y-1)
Allis-Chalmers Motor Scraper (K-6)Alpha Jet (SB-11)Alvis Stalwart
AmbulanceAmbulance (1977)
Ambulance (1996)Ambulance (2000)
Ambulance (2003)Ambulance (2005)
Ambulance (K-49)
American Ford Station Wagon (31-A)
American Ford Station Wagon (31-B)American Loco 4-4-0 (Y-13)Amphi Flyer
Amphibious Personnel CarrierAnimal Transporter (K-8)Aqua King
Arctic Recon (Matchbox)Arctic ThunderArctic Track Truck
Armor Piercing Tank
Armor Recon Vehicle ( A.R.V.)Armored Action TransporterArmored Action Truck
Armored Response Vehicle
Armored TruckArmoured Jeep
Around The Town Gift PackAround the World (Matchbox Series)
Articulated Container Truck (K-17)
Articulated Horse Van (K-18)Articulated Petrol Tanker Ford LTS (K-16/K-115)Articulated Tanker
Articulated Tipper (K-18)Articulated TrailerArticulated Truck
Articulated Truck (1981)Articulated Truck Trailer
Artillery Truck & Field Gun (K-116)Asada's Rig
Aston MartinAston Martin DB7Aston Martin DBR 5
Aston Martin DBS VolanteAtlas
Atlas ExcavatorAttack TrackAudi Avus Quattro
Audi QuattroAudi Quattro (K-95)
Audi R8 (2007)Audi RS6 Avant
Audi TTAudi TT Roadster
Austin 200 Gallon Water TruckAustin A50Austin A55 Cambridge
Austin Metropolitan Taxi
Austin Mini Cooper 1275S (1964)
Austin Mini Van - 1965Austin Mk 2 Radio Truck
Autocar ACX Garbage Truck (RW-002)Autosteer
Aveling-Barford Tractor Shovel (43-B)Aveling-Barford Tractor Shovel (K-10)
Aveling Barford Road Roller (1-D)Aveling Barford Road Roller (K-9)
Aveling and Porter Road-Roller (Y-11)
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