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D.A.F. Building Transporter (K-13)D.U.K.W.
DAF 3300 Space CabDAF Aircraft Transporter (K-128)DAF Ambulance (K-112)
DAF Car Transporter (K-11)DAF Girder Truck
DAF Helicopter Transporter (K-126)DAF Road Train (K-122)DAF Skip Truck (RW-016)
DAF Tipper Container TruckDAF XF 105DAF XF 95 Space Cab
D Type Jaguar (41-A)D Type Jaguar (41-B)
Daimler Ambulance (14-A)Daimler Ambulance (14-B)Daimler Bus
Datsun 126XDatsun 240 Z Rally Car (K-52)
Datsun 260 Z 2+2Datsun 280 ZX
Datsun 280 ZX Police
De Tomaso PanteraDeep-Dive SubmarineDeep Diver
Delivery TruckDelivery Truck and Fork Lift (K-40)Demolition Machine
Dennis Fire Engine (9-A)Dennis Fire Engine (9-B)Dennis Ladder Truck
Dennis SabreDesert (Burger King)
Desert Thunder V16Diamond T Prime Mover (15-A)
Digger & Plough Transporter (K-108/K-130)Digger and Plough (K-25)
Dinkum Dumper (M-10)Dinky
Dirt BikeDirt Racer
Dirt SmasherDirtstroyerDisney
Divco Milk TruckDoctor's Emergency Car (K-62)
Dodge Ambulance (K-38)Dodge CaravanDodge Cattle Truck
Dodge ChallengerDodge Challenger (Mitsubishi)
Dodge Challenger ModelsDodge Challenger SRT8Dodge Charger
Dodge Charger (K-22)Dodge Charger MkIII
Dodge CommandoDodge Concept Car
Dodge Coronet PoliceDodge Crane TruckDodge Custom Van (K-80)
Dodge DakotaDodge Delivery Van (K-11)
Dodge Dragster (K-22)Dodge Dragster (MB70)
Dodge Dumper TruckDodge Magnum
Dodge Monaco Fire Chief (K-67)
Dodge Monaco Police CarDodge Monaco and Trailer (K-68)Dodge Polizei Van (K-99)
Dodge Ram SRT-10
Dodge Tractor with Fruehauf Tippers (K-16)Dodge ViperDodge Viper GTS
Dodge Viper GTSR
Dodge Viper RT 10Dodge Wreck Truck
Double Fronted Store (A-5)Dragon WheelsDragonfly Helicopter
Drako gt1Dream Chaser (SB-143)Dream Halloween Promotional
Drill DiggerDrott ExcavatorDuk-Duk
Duke of Connaught 4-2-2 (Y-14)Dump DozerDump Truck
Dump Truck 2004
Dumper (2-A)Dumper (2-B)
Dune BuggyDune Dog
Dunlop Van
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