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Speed Trapper
Debut Series 1-125
Produced 2017 to 2021
Number MB1045
Speed Trapper (2017 1-125).jpg


The Speed Trapper has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB56 2017 1-125: MBX Heroic Rescue White 45, SPEED, detailed trim, SPD TRPR license plate Silver / Metal Blue Black Rim Ringed Disc - 02156bf.jpg DVK12 (USA) DVN19 (ROW) DWT11 (PG) Thailand Base codes: K29, K30, K33, K37, K38, K40, K41, K45 Speed Trapper (2017 White).jpg
N/A 2018 5-Pack: Texas Patrol Silver 25, SPEED, detailed trim, SLOW DWN license plate Black / Metal Yellow Black Rim Ringed Disc - 02156bf.jpg FMV35 Thailand Base codes: L26, L29, L45 Speed Trapper (2018 5Pack Version 1).jpg
2019 9-Pack 6SpokeSportDkGray.jpg FTR23 Base code(s): L39 Speed Trapper (2018 Wheels Type).jpg
MB98 2020 1-100: MBX City Orange 25 MPH Speed Limit, Construction Zone, detailed trim, TICKET? license plate Dark Blue / Metal Yellow Ringed Disc - 1288cf.jpg GKK93 (USA) GKM31 (ROW) Thailand Base codes: N11, N13 Speedtrapper2020.jpg
MB62 2021 1-100: MBX Highway Blue & yellow 55 MPH Speed Limit, Construction Zone, INC Construction Matte Black / Metal Light Gray Ringed Disc - 1288cf.jpg GVX72 (USA) GXM80 (ROW) Thailand Base Code(s): N51, N52 Speed Trapper (2021).jpg