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Debut Series 1-75 Series
Produced 1975-1980; 2006-2007
Lotus Super Seven (1975-77).jpg

The Strakers have been a subseries within the 1-75 basic range between 1975-1980. 10 cars were given colorful tampo print decoration on their base color. The models also received new packaging too. However, their serial number remained unchanged. Some racetracks have been similarly modified, which have also been given the name Streakers. In the 2000s, some re-released models in the new Superfast range also received the paint and name typical of the series.

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Special Features Color Photo
7 Hairy Hustler 1976 Generic White Hairy Hustler MB-7.jpg
27 Lamborghini Countach 1973 Lamborghini Red Lamborghini MB-27.jpg
33 Datsun 126X 1973 Datsun opening rear hatch Yellow 7733 Datsun 126 X.JPG
40 Vauxhall Guildsman 1971 Vauxhall Red 7140 Vauxhall Guildsman RedR.JPG
41 Siva Spyder 1972 Siva Dark blue Siva Spyder (1976-77).jpg
51 Citroen S.M. 1972 Citroen opening doors Blue Citoren S.M Superfast..jpg
53 Tanzara 1972 Leyland opening rear hatch White 7253 Tanzara R.JPG
60 Lotus Super Seven 1971 Lotus Yellow Lotus Super Seven (1975-77).jpg
66 Mazda RX 500 1972 Mazda opening rear hatch Red Mazda RX 500 MB-66.jpg
75 Alfa Carabo 1971 Alfa Romeo Pink, yellow & green Alfa Carabo (1975-76).jpg

2000' Series[]

Col # Model Name Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
ST4 1970 Plymouth Cuda 2006 Superfast Streakers Lime Green Silver headlights, Red taillights, Flat Black sectional striped sections on side and top Chrome / Plastic Clear Light Brown SuperfastSmall.jpg J6553 Thailand Streakers Plymouth Hemi Cuda.jpg
SF8 '65 Mustang GT 2006 Superfast Streakers White Blue hood and roof, red stripes, white stars, 08 Gray / Metal Yellow Tint Black SuperfastSmall.jpg J6557 Thailand ´365-OVP-2006-NSF.jpg
SF9 1971 Chevy Chevelle 2006 Superfast Streakers Metalflake Pearl Orange Medium Blue lower stripe, racing stripes, and hood stripes Chrome / Plastic Yellow Tan SuperfastSmall.jpg J6597 Thailand Streakers 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS.jpg
SF19 '71 Camaro Z-28 2006 Superfast Streakers Flat Black Silver and Black checkers on hood and trunk. "3" in silver Circle Chrome / Plastic Clear Red Red SuperfastSmall.jpg J6568 Streakers Chevrolet Camaro Z-28.jpg
SF40 1969 Camaro SS-396 2006 Superfast Streakers Metalflake Red White side and hood stripes Black / Plastic Yellow Tint Silver SuperfastSmall.jpg J6589 Thailand Streakers Chevrolet Camaro SS.jpg
ST41 Ford GT40 2006 Superfast Streakers Red Red white and blue racing stripes, white stars Black / Plastic Clear Black SuperfastSmall.jpg J6590 Streakers Ford GT.jpg
ST42 Pontiac Solstice 2006 Superfast Streakers Metallic Purple Green front end, green racing stripes, silver headlights and grilles, red taillights Black / Plastic Clear White 5SpokeSuperfast.jpg J6591 Streakers Pontiac Solstice.jpg
ST44 Corvette T-Roof 2006 Superfast Streakers Red Black headlight covers, black and red checker patterns on hood and trunk, yellow striping Chrome
Yellow Gray Yellow SuperfastSmall.jpg J6593 Thailand Streakers 1976 Corvette.jpg
ST46 '70 Chevy El Camino 2006 Superfast Streakers Gold and Brown Silver headlights, Red taillights, Gold and Orange checkers on roof and hood; Orange and Gold stripes Chrome / Plastic Yellow Tint Dark Gray Yellow


J6595 Streakers 1970 Chevy El Camino.jpg
ST55 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2006 Superfast Streakers Off White Silver headlights and taillights, Blue and Red stripes, 55, Matchbox Superfast Black / Plastic Yellow Tint Gray 5SpokeSuperfast.jpg J6604 Thailand Streakers Mitsubishi Eclipse.jpg
SF59 BMW Z8 2006 Superfast Streakers Gunmetal Gray White headlights, red taillights, White streak on door, fender and hood, 08 on door and hood Black/ Plastic Clear Tan 5SpokeSuperfast.jpg J6608 Thailand Streakers BMW Z8.jpg
ST62 1968 Mercury Cougar 2006 Superfast Streakers Metallic Silver Red taillights, Black hood stripes, Yellow driver's side, red passenger side Chrome / Plastic Clear Black SuperfastSmall.jpg J6611 Streakers 1968 Mercury Cougar.jpg
ST72 Blue Shark 2006 Superfast Streakers Blue 86, two crests Metallic Silver / Metal Clear Gray SuperfastSmall.jpg J6327 Reproduction of original Blue Shark Streakers Blue Shark.jpg
ST6 Ford Mustang GT Concept 2007 Superfast Streakers Green Gold Silver headlights, Red taillights, Black upper section and fender flares, White stripe below beltline Gray / Plastic Clear Black 5SpokeSuperfast.jpg J6555 Thailand Streakers Ford Mustang GT Concept.jpg