Street Cleaner
Debut Series On The Road Again
Produced 2000 to 2007
Number MB469
Scale 1:74


This model of an Elgin Pelican Street Cleaner has come out in the following 1/74 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Front Wheel Type Rear Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB96 2000 On The Road Again 1/5 Beige Metro Disposal, White Matchbox 2000 on front Black / Plastic Smoke Red 8-Spoke Industrial - 4740cf Small5spoke Black 96392 China On The Road Again Street Cleaner beige
MB20 2001 City Dudes 5/5 Dark Green City Service, Keeping Your Streets Clearn!, DOT 042076 Black / Plastic Smoke Yellow 8-Spoke Industrial - 4740cf Small5spoke Black 92224 China Street Cleaner (2001)
MB3 2002 Hometown Heroes 3/4(USA) (INT) Metallic Purple Red apple, "Big Apple", Green and white stripe Gray / Plastic Smoke Green 7SpokeSawblade Small5spoke Black 95199 (USA) 95805 (INT) China Street Sweeper on (USA) card Hydromax on (INT) card 50th Hydromax
MB18 2003 Hero City Public Works 3/5 White Turbo Jets, 18, Matchb box logo, cartoon bull Orange / Plastic Smoke Red 7SpokeSawblade Small5spoke 97704 China Street Sweeper on card StreetSweeper2003
MB33 2005 Buried Treasure (USA) Buried Treasure (INT) Mainline (INT) Green Gold ”Official Business Only”, 76, City of Matchbox, SWEEP Black / Plastic Orange Silver 7SpokeSawblade Small5spoke H1844 (USA) H2167 (INT) H5828 (INT) China Street Cleaner (2005 1-75)
N/A 2006 Superman Returns 5-Pack Light Gray Metropolis Highway Maintenance Gray / Plastic Smoke Brick Red 7SpokeSawblade Small5spoke Thailand SupermanReturnsStreetCleanerlightgray
N/A 2007 5 Pack: City Services White City Works Street Cleaner, 469 Gray / Plastic Smoke Gray 7SpokeSawblade Small5spoke Black Thailand StreetCleanerwhite


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