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Taxi Cab
Debut Series 1-75
Produced 2003-2015
Number MB577
Scale Unlisted


The Taxi Cab has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB36 2003 1-75: Mom and Pop Shops 1/5 Yellow Taxi, checkered stripe Gray / Plastic Blue Black Lace.jpg 97677 (USA) 97796 (ROW) China Taxi on card, w/ or w/o Hero City logo Taxicab2003.PNG
N/A 2003 Promotional Yellow 2003 Matchbox Toy Show New York, detailed trim Chrome / Plastic Clear Blue Image Not Available.jpg China Image Not Available.jpg
MB43 2004 1-75: Hero City Getting Around 3/5 Pearl White Hero City, Taxi, 555-5801 Black / Plastic Blue Silver 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf.jpg B5360 (USA) B5465 (ROW) China TaxiCabHeroCitywhite.jpg
Lace.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
N/A 2004 5-Pack: Nick Jr. Flat Yellow Taxi, Little Bill (character and text) Yellow / Plastic Smoke Brown Lace.jpg H3318 China TaxiCabNickJryellow.jpg
N/A 2004 Around the World: Statue of Liberty 8/45 Yellow Statue of Liberty, Green skyline Black / Plastic Smoke Blue Lace.jpg C0774 China Taxi Cab (2004 Around the World).jpg
N/A 2005 Ed, Edd n Eddy Light Orange Eddy (character and text) Chrome / Plastic Red Tint White Lace.jpg H5977 China Eddy Taxi.jpg
N/A 2005 5-Pack: City Services White Orange stripes, METRO TAXI, 577 Chrome / Plastic Orange Tint Grey 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf.jpg H4122 China Taxi Cab (2005 5Pack).jpg
N/A 2005 Launchers: Oceanic Expedition White Checkered stripe, City to Harbor Taxi Grey / Plastic Orange Tint Grey Lace.jpg H8894 China Image Not Available.jpg
N/A 2005 Pleasant Valley Books: Taxi! Pale Yellow Checkered stripe, QUIK Cab Grey / Plastic Green Tint Black Lace.jpg China Image Not Available.jpg
N/A 2005 Playset: Car Wash Yellow TAXI 42374 Black / Plastic Orange Tint Grey Lace.jpg China or Thailand 136F - 2005 Playset USA.jpg
N/A 2006 Surprise Packs Yellow checkered stripe, City to Harbor Taxi Black / Plastic Amber Grey Lace.jpg China Image Not Available.jpg
MB49 2006 1-75: MBX Metal White Green and Red stripes, Pizza Delivery, 24/7 Chrome / Plastic Smoke Caramel M003f.jpg K2612 (USA) K2622 (ROW) Thailand MB-49 Taxi Cab.jpg
N/A 2007 5-Pack: Super Mario Bros. Lime Green Mario & Luigi (characters and text) Grey / Plastic Amber Grey M002f.jpg L1578 Thailand Image Not Available.jpg
N/A 2007 10-Pack Grey Pirate skull, BURIED TREASURE, X Silver / Plastic Amber Black M003f.jpg Thailand Taxi Cab (2007).jpg
N/A 2007 Hitch 'n' Haul: Speed Bump Pearl White Yellow side panel, Taxi on Time Chrome / Plastic Smoke Light Gray Cut Tri-Spoke (Black) - 2851df.jpg Thailand MB577 - 2007 Hitch'n'Haul.jpg
N/A 2008 Playset: City Links - Taxi Workday or 10 Pack Yellow "Fast Food" and hamburger with wheels decal on side Grey / Plastic Smoke Tan M003f.jpg N6067 Thailand Taxi Cab (2008 Fast Food).jpg
N/A 2008 5-Pack: Scooby-Doo! White SDX sports, Scooby-Doo (character) Black / Plastic Smoke Silver M002f.jpg M0166 Thailand TaxiCabScoobyDoowhite.jpg
5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf.jpg 136E - 2008 5-Pack USA.jpg
N/A 2009 5-Pack: Nick Jr. Metalflake Purple Blue's Clues Black / Plastic Smoke White 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf.jpg N9936 Thailand Base Code(s): B44 Taxi Cab (Nick Jr).jpg
N/A 2009 Transporter Playset Yellow City Cab Taxi, Black panels Silver / Plastic Smoke Light Gray M003f.jpg Thailand Base Code(s): B32 Image Not Available.jpg
N/A 2009 Transporter Playset or 10-Pack Green Black and White with "Taxi" on sides White / Plastic Smoke Light Gray Ringed Disc - 1288cf.jpg B5610 Thailand Base Code(s): B17, C27, C40 09TransporterTaxicab.jpg
N/A 2011 Playset Yellow TAXI 8 Black / Plastic Smoke Gray 483px-Ringed Disc - 1288cf.jpg China Taxi Cab Playset.jpg
N/A 2014 5-Pack: City Works White MBX, TAXI, Cab No. 577 Black / Plastic Yellow Black 65px-5SpokeSuperfastSport.jpg BFN02 Thailand Base Code(s): G43, H04 Taxi Cab 2014 5 Set.jpg