The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Produced 1997
The Lost World (Matchbox logo)

In 1997, Matchbox acquired the license to produce die-cast vehicles based on The Lost World, Steven Spielberg's sequel to the blockbuster Jurassic Park. The line had three levels of product: Tracker/Trapper (single regular-size vehicle with one each die-cast human and dinosaur figures), Rage Rig (large semi with a permanently attached action-feature dinosaur and one human and two dinosaur figures) and Site B Action System Playset (large playset with one vehicle, compatible with other 1990s Action System playsets).

Tracker/Trapper VehiclesEdit

This line included the following vehicles:

Model Number Name Based On? Human Figure Dinosaur Figure Photo
MB317 Skip Truck Ford Cargo with Cage Ian Malcolm Baby Tyrannosaurus rex The Lost World (Baby T-Rex)

Rescue Truck

Mercedes-Benz Unimog Nick Van Owen Baby Stegosaurus The Lost World (Baby Stegosaurus)
MB330 Chopper Mission Helicopter Eddie Carr Parasaurolophus
The Lost World (Chopper)
MB329 Humvee Humvee Roland Tembo Velociraptor The Lost World (Raptor)
MB319  4x4 Mercedes-Benz M-Class Eddie Carr Pachycephalosaurus The Lost World (4x4)
MB316 Hook Truck Breakdown Van Dieter Stark Velociraptor The Lost World (Hook Truck)

Rage RigsEdit

This line included the following vehicles:

Name Human Figure Dinosaur Figure 1 Dinosaur Figure 2 Photo
With Wrecking Tyrannosaurus Dieter Stark Parasaurolophus Baby Tyrannosaurus rex The Lost World (Rage Rig)
With Raging Stegosaurus Ian Malcolm Pachycephalosaurus Baby Stegosaurus The Lost World (Rage Rig Stego)

Site B Action System PlaysetsEdit

Name Photo
Fuel Depot The Lost World (Fuel Depot)
Garage The Lost World (Garage)


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