Toyota Prius (2009)
Debut Series 1-75 Metro Rides
Produced 2009-2011, 2016
Number MB774
Scale 1:62

Vehicle HistoryEdit

Produced from 2003 to 2009, the second generation Toyota Prius (XW20) is a compact car offered in 5 door lift back body styles. Replacing the (XW10), the Prius was rated as the most clean vehicles sold in the US in 2008 based on toxic emissions, selling over 1,192,000 units worldwide.

The Matchbox 2009 Toyota Prius was originally supposed to debut in 2005, but was delayed and eventually debuted for the 2009 1-75 mainline under the Metro Rides series in Aqua Green. This casting has a number of MB774 and was originally in production from 2009 to 2011, and reintroduced in 2016 until it was discontinued because Matchbox lost the license to Toyota. It is unknown if this casting will ever be used again even as Mattel has reclaimed the license for Toyota under Hot Wheels.

Technical SpecsEdit

Engine: 1.5 L 1NZ-FXE DOHC I4 VVT-i (Gasoline), 500 V 50 kW (Electric)

Output: 110hp

0-60: Unknown


Years of hard work and dedication have led to this day as you head cross-town to the Championship Final. With plenty of room for your baseball equipment and the ability to get 45 miles to the gallon, your Toyota Prius is the perfect ride to get you to the venue for some batting practice before the game of your life!


The Toyota Prius (2009) has come out in the following 1/62 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
MB25 2009 Metro Rides 1/9 Aqua Green Detailed Trim Black / Plastic Smoke Black M003f N5442 Thailand Base Code(s): B24,B43(on 2010 card). "Toyota Prius - 2009" on base. 0925-Prius
MB25 2009 Metro Rides 1/9 Driftwood Tan* Detailed Trim Black / Plastic Smoke Black M003f N5442 Thailand

Base Code(s): B24

Factory Error Color

Toyota prius tan

MB25 2009 Metro Rides 1/9 Metalflake Sand Detailed Trim Black / Plastic Smoke Tan M003f P6529 Thailand 0925PriusBrown
MB26 2010 Metro Rides 2/6 Black Detailed Trim Black / Plastic Clear Tan M003f R4953 Thailand Base Code(s): C19, C25

Metro Rides 08 Toyota Prius

MB26 2011 Metro Rides Red Detailed Trim Black / Plastic Smoke Tan 65px-M003f T8922 Thailand Base Code(s): D05, D09 MBX Prius
MB9 2016 MBX Adventure City 9/125 Green MBX TAXI, EXPRESS 633 Black/ Plastic Clear Black Black 6 Spoke Sport - 1270cf DJV54 Thailand Base code(s): J02, J04, J05, J08 Toyota Prius TAXI 2016 (Green)


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