Tractor Plow/Plowverizer
Debut Series MBX Metal
Produced 2006-Present
Number MB686/MB950


When a blizzard dumps 10 feet of snow blocking the winding roads of Wolf Mountain, you can always rely on the Tractor Plow to clear the roads and save the day! With its super-sized traction tires and high-torque diesel engine this local hero won't stop till the job's done! —From the 2010 version


The Tractor Plow / Plowverizer has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
N/A 2006 Promotional Orange & Black 5, Ice Plow, 686 Unpainted / Metal Smoke Black Black Oval Thailand Image Not Available
MB30 2006 MBX Metal Yellow and Black Black and White tampos Unpainted / Metal Smoke Black 5SpokeOvalyelloworBlack Oval J2385 (USA) J6316 (INT) Thailand 992 - 2006 1-75Tractor Plow 2006 - 1319ff
N/A 2007 5-Pack: Town Works Red and Gray 686, 8, Unpainted / Metal Smoke Gray FiveSpokeOvalWhite Thailand TractorPlowred
MB55 2007 MBX Metal Green and White Lil' Mule, 7, 686, Caution Unpainted / Metal Smoke Green 5SpokeOvalyellowor FiveSpokeOvalWhite K9485 Thailand   MBX Tractor PlowMBX Metal Tractor
N/A 2007 Dino Eggs Orange and White Unpainted / Metal Smoke Black Thailand
N/A 2008 10-Pack Blue and Black 12, Bear Unpainted / Metal Smoke Blue 5-Spoke Oval - 2535bf Thailand TractorPlowblueandblack
MB66 2008 Farm 3/6 White and Blue White, Black and Yellow with "TP6800" on sides Unpainted / Metal Smoke White FiveSpokeOvalWhite M5335 Thailand 0866TractorPlow
N/A 2008 5-Pack: Farm Orange and White 686, 4x4, CAUTION Unpainted / Metal Smoke Orange 5SpokeOvalTanor 5-Spoke Oval - 2535bf M0139 Thailand 992J - 2008 5-Pack992D - 2008 5-Pack
N/A 2008 5-Pack: Construction White and Black 686, Yellow and Orange stripes Unpainted / Metal Smoke Black Ringed Gear Rivited M0142 Thailand TractorPlowConstruction5packblackandwhite
N/A 2008 10-Pack Black and Orange TP-600, 686 Unpainted / Metal Smoke Black Ringed Gear Rivited M6401 Thailand 992E - 2008 10-Pack USA
EE04 2009 Euro Edition Teal and Black TP686, GR, red and black caution stripes Unpainted / Metal Smoke Teal RingedGearRivited(Red) P9162 Thailand Super Traktor on card Euro Edition Super Traktor
MB73 2009 Highway Maintenance 5/6 Orange and Black Yellow, Gray, Orange and White with "8" on sides Unpainted / Metal Smoke Black RingedGearRivitedWhite P2964 (USA) P4201 (INT) Thailand   0973-TractorOrange
MB73 2009 Highway Maintenance 5/6 White and Green Black, Yellow and White with "4x4" on sides Unpainted / Metal Smoke Tan Ringed Gear Rivited P6512 Thailand   0973TractorPlowWhite
MB43 2010 Construction 7/14 Red and Black Red, White and Orange with "Lil' Mule" on sides Unpainted / Metal Smoke Red DkGrayRingedGearRivited R5007 (USA) R5107 (INT) Thailand 1043TractorPlow
MB114 2012 National Park 4/10 Mint Green and Black National Parks, Maintenance Div. 5, National Park logo Unpainted / Metal Smoke Mint Green RingedGearRivitedWhite W4895 Thailand Base code(s): E36 WIKI tractor plow 2012
N/A 2012 5-Pack: Construction White and Black MBX Construction Unpainted / Metal Yellow Tint White RingedGearRivitedWhite W5189 Thailand 992K - 2012 5-Pack
MB37 2013 1-120: MBX Construction Black and Blue Tractor Plow Unpainted / Metal Smoke Black Wheel 2014 Constr Y0718 Thailand Base code(s): F39 Tractor Plow 2013
MB25 2014 1-120: MBX Construction Orange and Silver TRACTOR PLOW, 385 Unpainted / Metal Smoke Orange Wheel 2014 Constr BDV45 BFJ85 Thailand Named MBX TKT+ on short card version.
Base code(s): G08, G17
Tractor Plow 2014
MB950 (Modified Model)
N/A 2015 Jurassic World
5-Pack: Construction
Tan and Black Orange stripe, JW, 08, HEAVY MAINTENANCE Metallic Brown / Metal Clear Tan Wheel 2014 Brown CJM11 Thailand Base code(s): H20 Tractor Plow Jurassic World 5Pack Island
MB47 2016 1-125: MBX Construction White and Gold Black doors, hazard stripe, AW CONSTRUCTION, SaH Logo Unpainted / Metal Clear White RingedGearRivitedOrange DJV89 Thailand Base code(s): J23 Tractor Plow (2016 Gold)
MB52 2017 1-125: MBX Construction Red and Black Red, White and Orange with "Lil' Mule" on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Red Ringed Gear Rivited DVK69 Thailand Base code(s): K02, K08 Tractor Plow (2017 MB950)
Plowverizer (Modified Model Name)
MB51 2018 1-125: MBX Service 13/20 Black and Yellow 5, Ice Plow, 686 Unpainted / Metal Smoke Black Wheel 2014 Black FHH76 Thailand Base code(s): L01, L04 Plowverizer (2018)


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