"Two" Packs
Produced 1976 - 1992
Citroen CX (TP-31)

  • Matchbox Two Packs (stylized as "Two" Packs) originated in 1976. They featured two vehicles in a single box or blister pack. Some vehicles were the same as those then available in the 1-75 range, while others were special editions. Once the 1-75 range split into INT and USA versions, "Two" Packs sometimes featured vehicles from the other line, e.g. an INT vehicle in the USA market. Sets were numbered with a TP- prefix under all series names.
  • Many of the early sets featured a military theme, and appeared in military colors (generally olive drab, though black appeared as well), often with black wheel hubs. Others featured a civilian or commercial vehicle and a trailer or a locomotive and a train car. For 1979 the series was renamed the 900 series. Package printing placed the 900 name after Matchbox, leading some collectors to refer to the series as Matchbox 900. Tractor trailers now appeared, for the first time, all featuring Long Haul, but with different trailers. The Leyland Articulated Truck Cab joined Long Haul in 1981, pulling a tank trailer.
  • For 1983, the series was renamed Twin Packs. Numbering featured three digits for 1984.
  • The series was renamed again for 1992, its final year, now being called Team, or Team Matchbox, due to the way the sets were labeled. Also in that year the US market received three sets under the Trailers name.


Sets featuring two cars or trucks, or a car and a light trailer reappeared several years later as as Hitch 'n' Haul, with included small. Tractor trailers were given their own series, Convoy.

Releases Edit

Col # Name Model 1 Model 2 First Year of Issue Notes / Variations Photo
TP-1 A Mercedes Truck & Trailer Mercedes Truck Mercedes Trailer 1976
In Red and Light Blue Mercedes Truck Trailer (TP-1)Mercedes Trailer (TP-1 Blue)
TP-2 A Mod Tractor & Trailer Mod Tractor Hay Trailer 1976 Mod Tractor + Hay Trailer (TP-2)
B Police Car & Fire Engine Mercury Police Car Merryweather Fire Engine 1979 Two Pack TP-2 (Fire Police)
Blaze Buster
C Articulated Petrol Tanker Leyland Cabover Cab Tanker Trailer 1981 Convoy-style truck Petrol Tanker (TP-2)
TP-3 A Pony Trailer Set AMX Javelin Pony Trailer 1976 AMX Javelin+Pony Trailer (TP-103)
Jeep CJ6
Field Car
TP-4 A Holiday Set Ford Capri Eccles Caravan 1976
Vauxhall Guildsman Vauxhall Guildsman & Trailer Caravan (TP-4)
AMX Javelin
Volkswagen Golf VW Golf-Caravan (TP-4)
Datsun 260Z
Renault 5TL
Maserati Bora Maserati Bora with tow hook Two Pack TP-4(Maserati Bora Caravan)
TP-5 A Weekender Ford Capri Boat & Trailer 1976 Ford Capri Boat Trailer (TP-5)
Hot Rocker
Ford Escort Ford RS2000-Boat Transporter (TP-5)
Lotus Europa Lotus Europa-Boat Transporter (TP-5)
Porsche Turbo
Volkswagen Golf
TP-6 A Breakdown Set Toe Joe Racing Mini 1976 Toe Joe Mini Racing ( TP-6)Two Pack TP-6 (Toe Joe Mini Racing)Tow Joe & Mini Racing (TP-6 Germany)
Police Patrol Two Pack TP-6 (Toe Joe Police Patrol)
Saab Sonett Two Pack TP-6 (Toe Joe Saab Sonett)
VW 1500 Breakdown Truck Volkswagen 1500 (TP-6)
Peterbilt Wreck Truck Racing Mini
TP-7 A Emergency Set Stretcha Fetcha Mercury Fire Chief 1976 Emergency set (TP-7)
Fire Chief Fire Chief Fetch Strtcha (TP-7ú
B Glider Set Jeep Glider Transporter 1977 Glider Set (TP-7 Jeep)
Field Car Glider Set (TP-7 Field Car)
Ford Escort
TP-8 A Transporter Set The Londoner Hovercraft 1976 Two Pack (TP-8 Transporter Set)
B Field Car & Honda with Trailer Field Car Honda Motorcycle & Trailer 1977 Field Car- Honda Trailer (TP-8)
TP-9 A Field Car & Team Matchbox Field Car Team Matchbox 1978 With towing frame Field Car-Team Marchbox (TP-9)
TP-10 A Fire Chief & Ambulance Mercury Fire Chief Mercedes Ambulance 1978 Two Pack TP-2 (Fire Ambulance)
Merryweather Fire Engine Two Pack TP-10 (Emergency)
TP-11 A Military Jeep & Military Cycle

Jeep or Armoured Jeep

Hondarora 1977 Olive military vehicles Military Jeep Hondarora (TP-11)Armored Jeep-Hondarora (TP-11).
Field Car
B Tractor & Hay Trailer Ford Tractor Hay Trailer 1979 Two Pack TP-11 (Tractor & Hay Trailer)
TP-12 A Police Patrol & Field Car Police Patrol Field Car 1977 Olive military vehicles Miltary Police-Field Car (TP-12)Police Patrol & Field Car (TP-12)
B Dormobile & Field Car Dormobile Field Car 1977 Olive military vehicles Military Field Car VW Ambulance Dormmobile (TP-12)
TP-13 A Military Scout & Armoured Car Stoat Weasel 1977 Olive military vehicles Stoat-Weasel (TP-)
B Unimog & Armoured Car Unimog Weasel 1978 Olive military vehicles
C Unimog & Field Gun Unimog Field Gun 1978 Olive military vehicles Field Gun TP-13
TP-14 A Military Gas Tanker & Radar Truck Freeway Gas Tanker Badger 1977 Olive military vehicles Military Tanker-Badger (TP-14)
B Military Ambulance & Staff Car Mercedes Ambulance Mercedes 300 SE 1977 Olive military vehicles Military Mercedes (Two Pack TP-14)
TP-15 A Military Truck & Trailer Mercedes Truck Mercedes Trailer 1977 Olive military vehicles Military truck-Trailer (TP-15)
TP-16 A Military Dump Truck & Buldozer Mack Dump Truck Case Buldozer 1977 Olive military vehicles Bulldozer-Dump Truck (TP-16)
B Military Wreck Truck & Alvis Stalwart Ford Heavy Wreck Truck Alvis Stalwart 1979 Olive military vehicles Twin Pack (TP-16)
C Articulated Truck & Trailer Articulated Truck Articulated Truck Trailer 1980 Yellow & Blue, Red & Blue, or Red & Gray Two Pack TP-16 (Articulated Truck Trailer)
TP-17 A Double Tanker Set Freeway Gas Tanker Freeway Gas Tanker Trailer 1979 Red & White "Burmah" or "Chevron", White & Yellow or White "Shell" or "Exxon", White & Green "BP", or White & Blue "Aral" Two Pack TP-17 (Tanker Truck Tanker Trailer)
TP-18 A Water Sporter VW Golf Seafire Boat on Trailer 1979 VW Golf-Boat transporter (TP-18)
AMX Javelin
TP-19 A Cattle Truck & Trailer Cattle Truck Cattle Trailer 1979 Cattle Truck & Trailer (TP-19)
TP-20 A Shunter & Side Tipper Shunter Side Tipper 1979 With red or black tipper Shunter & Tipping Trailer (TP-20 Red)Shunter & Tipping Trailer (TP-20 Black)
TP-21 A Motorcycle Set Datsun 260Z Motor-Cycle Trailer 1979 Two Pack TP-21 Datsun & Motorcycle Trailer)
Renault 5TL Renault 5TL-Motorcycle Trailer (TP-21)
Citroen SM
TP-22 A Double Container Truck Long Haul Articulated Trailer with Containers 1979 Convoy-style truck Peterbilt Container Truck (TP-22)
TP-23 A Covered Container Truck Long Haul Flatbed trailer 1979 Convoy-style truck Peterbilt Long Haul (Two Pack)
TP-24 A Container Truck Long Haul Articulated Trailer 1979 Convoy-style truck Peterbild Box Truck (TP-24)
TP-25 A Pipe Truck Long Haul Articulated Trailer with Pipes 1979 Convoy-style truck Peterbilt Pipe Truck (TP-25)
TP-26 A Boat Transporter Leyland Cabover Cab Low Bed Trailer with Boat 1981 Convoy-style truck Boat Transporter (TP-26)
TP-27 A Steam Loco & Caboose Steam Loco Caboose 1981 Passenger Coach (TP-27)
TP-28 A Ford Cortina & Caravan Ford Cortina Eccles Caravan 1982
TP-29 A Truck & Boat Flareside Pickup Boat & Trailer 1982
TP-30 A Seafire Boat Set Field Car Seafire Boat on Trailer 1982
Datsun 260Z
TP-31 A Citroen & Motorcycle Trailer Citroen CX Motor-Cycle Trailer 1982 Citroen CX (TP-31)
TP-32 A Wreck Truck & Sport Car Toe Joe Dodge Challenger 1982
Peterbilt Wreck Truck
Ford Wreck Truck AMX Javelin
TP-101 A Matra Rancho & Pony Trailer Matra Rancho Pony Trailer 1984
TP-102 A Ford Escort & Glider Transporter Ford Escort Glider Transporter 1984
TP-103 A Cattle Truck & Trailer Cattle Truck Cattle Trailer 1984 1987 1989 Same as TP-19, England, Macau and Thailand casting Cattle Truck 1986Cattle Truck & Trailer (TP-103)Cattle Truck & Trailer (TP-103 1989)
TP-104 A Steam Locomotive & Passenger Coach Steam Loco Passenger Coach 1984
TP-105 A Datsun & Boat Datsun 260Z Boat & Trailer 1984
TP-106 A Renault & Motorcycle Trailer Renault 5TL Motor-Cycle Trailer 1984 Renault 5TL Two Pack 1985
TP-107 A Datsun & Caravan Datsun 260Z Caravan 1984
TP-108 A Tractor & Hay Trailer Ford Tractor Hay Trailer 1984 1987 Same as TP-11-B, England, Macau and Thailand casting Tractor + TrailerTractor & Hay Trailer (TP-108)Tractor & Hay Trailer (TP-108 1987))
TP-109 A Citroen & Boat Citroen CX Boat & Trailer 1984 Only with "Marine" or "Ambulance" Citroen Citroen CX TP 1985Citroen BX boat Transporter (TP 109 Ambulance)
TP-110 A Matra Rancho & Inflatable Matra Rancho Inflatable on Trailer 1984 1987 Two Pack TP-110 (Rancho Trailer)Rancho and Trailer (TP-110)
TP-111 A Ford Cortina & Pony Trailer Ford Cortina Pony Trailer 1984 Ford Cortina Pony Trailer (1984)
TP-112 A Unimog & Trailer Unimog Mercedes Trailer 1984 1987 1989 Unimog & Trailer (TP-112)Unimog Mercedes Trailer (TP-112)Unimog Mercedes Trailer (TP-112 1989)
TP-113 A Porsche & Caravan Porsche Turbo Caravan 1985 Porsche Turbo+Caravan Two Pack
TP-114 A Volkswagen & Pony Trailer Volkswagen Golf Pony Trailer 1985 VW Golf Ponny Trailer
TP-115 A Ford Escort & Boat Ford Escort Cabriolet Boat & Trailer 1987 1989 Ford Escort Boat Trailer (TP-115)
TP-116 A Jeep Cherokee & Caravan Jeep Cherokee Caravan 1987 Jeep Cherokee & Caravan (TP-116)
TP-117 A Mercedes G Wagon & Pony Trailer Mercedes-Benz 280 GE Pony Trailer 1987 1989 With "Polizei" tampos Mercedes G 280 Pony Trailer (TP-117)Mercedes G Wagon & Pony Trailer (TP-117)
TP-118 A BMW Cabriolet & Glider Transporter BMW Cabriolet Glider Transporter 1987 BMW Cabriolet & Glider Transporter (TP-118)
TP-119 A Flareside Pickup & Seafire Flareside Pickup Seafire Boat on Trailer 1987 Flareside Pickup & Seafire (TP-119)
TP-120 A Volkswagen & Inflatable Volkswagen Golf GTI Inflatable on Trailer 1989 VW Golf Inflatable TP-120
TP-121 A Land Rover & Seafire Land Rover Seafire Boat on Trailer 1989 Land Rover & Seafire (TP-121)
TP-122 A Porsche & Glider Transporter Porsche Turbo Glider Transporter 1989 Porsche Turbo+Air plane Trailer Two Pack
TP-122 B Porsche & Glider Transporter Porsche Turbo Glider Transporter 1992 --File-Porsche Turbo (1992 Air plane Trailer Two Pack)
TP-123 A BMW Cabriolet & Caravan BMW Cabriolet Caravan 1989 1992 BMW 323i CABRIOLET and CARAVAN 1989)BMW 323i Cabriolet Caravan (TP123)
TP-124 A Locomotive & Passenger Coach Steam Loco Passenger Coach 1991 With "British Railways" tampos Two Pack TP- (Steam Loco Passenger Coach)
TP-125 A Shunter & Side Tipper Shunter Side Tipper 1991 Same as TP-20, China casting
TP-126 A Mercedes Tractor & Trailer MB-Trac 1600 Turbo Hay Trailer 1991 MB 1600 Trac & Hay Trailer (TP-126)
TP-127 A BMW Cabriolet & Inflatable BMW Cabriolet Inflatable on Trailer 1991
TP-128 A Circus Set Dodge Commando Mercedes Trailer 1992 With "Big Top Circus" tampos Two Pack TP-128 (Dodge & M Trailer)
TP-129 A Isuzu Amigo & Seafire Isuzu Amigo Seafire Boat on Trailer 1992 Isuzu Amigo-Seafere Trailer (TP-129)
TP-130 A Land Rover & Pony Trailer Land Rover Pony Trailer 1992 Land Rover & Pony Trailer (TP-130-1992)
TP-131 A Mercedes G Wagon & Inflatable Mercedes-Benz 280 GE Inflatable on Trailer 1992
CS-81 Bulldozer & Tractor Shovel Caterpillar D9 Tractor Tractor Shovel 1992 Two Pack Construction (1992 CS-80)
CS-82 Peterbilt Quarry Truck & Excavator Peterbilt Dump Truck Atlas Excavator 1992 Two Pack Construction (1992 CS-82 )
CS-83 Road Roller & Faun Crane Road Roller Mobile Crane 1992 Two Pack Construction (1992 CS-83)
EM-60 Peterbilt Peterbilt Conventional Tractor Rescue Tracking Vehicle 1992 Bucket-lift replaces radar, lower roof Two Pack Emergency (EM-60)
EM-81 Snorkel & Foam Pumper Snorkel Airport Foam Monitor Two Pack Emergency EM-81)
EM-82 Auxiliary Power Truck & Ambulance Mack Auxiliary Power Truck Ambulance 1992 Two Pack Emergency EM-82)
010120 Limited Edition Christmas Offer Two assorted vehicles esp. U.K. using a Christmas stocking sleeve 1984
010301 Dodge Instant Winner Game Dodge Daytona Dodge Caravan 1984
32350 Days of Thunder Race Car Challenge Two Chevrolet Lumina in various colors 1990
FM-100 Farming Twin Pack MB-Trac 1600 Turbo Seeder 1993 MB Trac 1600 Turbo-Seeder (FM-100)
Farm Trailer MB Trac 1600 Turbo-Farm Trailer (FM-100)
Tractor Shovel Tipping Trailer Tractor Shovel with front bale loader Tractor Shovel-Tipping Trailer (FM-100)
Ford Tractor Farm Trailer Ford Tractor with rubber tire and front bale loader
Rotovator Tractor Rolavator (FM-100)
NM-810 Nigel Mansell Twinpacks Formula racer Grand Prix Racer 1994 Nigel Mansell Twinpacks (Gran Prix Racer)
Mission Helicopter Nigel Mansell Twinpacks (Mission Helicopter)
Chevy Van Nigel Mansell Twinpacks (Chevy Van)
Graffic Traffic Hot Metals Corvette Grand Sport Jaguar XJ220 1994
Porsche 959 Ferrari F40
Graffic Traffic Metal Flakes Ford Thunderbird Stock Car Lamborghini Countach LP500S 1994
Chevrolet Lumina Sauber Group C Racer
32660 Indy 500 Closest Finish Ever Two Grand Prix Racer in "Valvoline" and "Mackenzie" liveries 1993


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