Hello, I'd like to introduce myself.

My name is Kenny and my username at various places all over the internet is HaarFager. I am a novelist and photographer and a professional musician. As far as Matchbox cars go, I post pictures at and my page. I don't have a big collection, but there are/have been a few models of Matchbox cars that really struck me and that's why it's such an eclectic collection. I have been trying to photograph them and have been uploading pictures of some of my cars to various sites all over the internet., and of course on my blog Photo Journey. Be sure and look those up.

As I said, I like all kinds of models, (especially station wagons!), so you might see me uploading to all kinds of different series. Here are some of the models I have worked on so far - creating pages for, adding information to and/or uploading images:


I have also created or worked on these pages:

I'll try to keep what I've worked on updated, so keep checking back.

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