Volkswagen Beetle 4x4
Debut Series MBX Metal
Produced 2007-Present
Number MB723
Scale 1:57


  • You just received an urgent call! A grizzly bear has been spotted approaching the campground! Your Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 is the perfect vehicle to tackle the thick forest path so you can rescue the campers and send that bear on his way!


The Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 (2006) has come out in the following 1/57 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB61 2007 MBX Metal Baby Blue Black 90 in white circle with black outline, Black and white side stripes, detailed headlights, red taillights Dark Gray / Plastic Smoke Gray Ringed Gear Rivited K9517 (USA) L0333 (ROW) Thailand VolkswagenBeetle4x4skyblue
MB91 (USA) MB31 (ROW) 2008 All Terrain 4/13 Orange Red, White, Black and Yellow with "Team 4 Matchbox" on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Black Ringed Gear Rivitedor5-Spoke Oval - 2535bf M5348 (USA) M7427 (ROW) Thailand MBX Volkswagen Beetle 4x4
MB91 (USA) MB31 (ROW) 2008 All Terrain 4/13 Metalflake Lime Red, White, Black and Yellow with "Team 4 Matchbox" on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Black RingedGearRivitedWhite N2536 Thailand 0891VW4x4Green
N/A 2008 5-Pack: Dino Mountain Matte Lime Green Park Patrol, white side section, 723 Gray / Plastic Smoke Gray RingedGearRivitedWhite M0144 Thailand Volkswagen4x4DinoMountain5packgreen
N/A 2008 5 Packs: Nick Jr. Neon Lemon DORA Black/ Plastic Red tint Tan Ringed Gear Rivited M0167 Thailand 128B - 2008 5-Pack USA
N/A 2008 Adventure 10-Pack Metalflake Purple Carlyle Racing, 7, black orange and white section Black / Plastic Smoke Light Gray Ringed Gear Rivited M6402 Thailand VolkswagenBeetle4x4metallicpurple
MB82 (USA) MB31 (ROW) 2009 Desert Adventure 8/14 Flat Brown White, Yellow, Black and Brown with "65" on sides Black / Plastic Clear Beige Ringed Gear Rivited P2979 (USA) P6440 (USA) Thailand Base Code(s): B24 0982-VW4x4
N/A 2009 5-Pack: Desert Adventure Teal White, Green, Black and Yellow tampos on sides Dark Gray / Plastic Smoke Black Ringed Gear Rivitedor5-Spoke Oval - 2535bf N9645 Thailand 09DesertVW4x4
N/a 2009 10-Pack Flat Gray Black, Red and White shark face graphics with "VW-723" on sides Black / Plastic Clear Black Ringed Gear Rivited P3013 Thailand Base Code(s): B22 Volkswagen4x4Beetleflatgray
MB91 (USA) MB58 (ROW) 2010 Desert Endurance 8/11 Mint Green Black and White checker pattern on sides under door, "National Parks" and park logo on sides Black/ Plastic Smoke Black Ringed Gear Rivited R5015 (USA) R5115 (ROW) Thailand Base Code(s): C18, C23 Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 (2010 National Park)
MB41 2012 Desert 1/10 White 4, MH Racing, Dirt, Orange and black sections Orange /Plastic Smoke Black RingedGearOrange W4790 (USA) W4913 (ROW) Thailand Base Code(s): D38 DesertVolkswagenBeetle4x4white
N/A 2012 5 Pack: Desert Adventure Green [1] SCORPION 38, Mud splatter Black/ Plastic Yellow tint White Ringed Gear Rivited W5182 Thailand Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 on base.[2] Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 MB723 (Green)
MB63 2014 MBX Explorers 63/120 Pearl White OFF ROAD Black/ Plastic Green Orange Wheel Off Road orange R BDT60 (USA) BFJ30 (ROW) Thailand VW Beetlee 4x4 1-120
MB105 2015 MBX Explorers  105/120 Purple MBX CARLSON... White/ Plastic Clear Silver Wheel 2014 CFW89 (USA) DFL67 (ROW) Thailand Base code(s): H32 Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 2015-1-120
N/A 2019 5 Pack: No Road, No Problem Light Blue 67, Gulf Tampo Orange/ Plastic Clear Silver Wheel Off Road orange R GBJ72 Thailand Base code(s): L51, M03 VW Beetle 4x4 (2019 GULF)

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